View Full Version : 240 runs rich at idle

08-03-2008, 09:09 PM
alright, so i've been trying to solve this problem for weeks. when i start my car the afr is reading in the 11s. once i start driving it my car will bounce around go from rich spikes to leak spikes, and under boost it will lean out bad. so safe to say i dont drive until this problem is solved. my setup is relatively stock at the moment, just the blacktop sr20det. i've tried swapping in some 550cc injectors, z32 maf and a tuned ecu. and the exact same problem occurs, except that under boost it will be very rich, around 10.6. i've now put the stock setup back in to solve the problem first. i've replaced the following parts
fuel pump
fuel filter
knock sensor
temp sending unit
vacuum lines
i've tried swapping ecus too, same problem. my o rings are brand new so its not a leaky injector...and my afr gauge isn't wrong, i can smell the gas and see the black unburnt fuel come out of my tailpipe. i'm open to any ideas/suggestions, help please! oh and i've checked my codes on my ecu, it threw a 34 knock sensor, that was replaced and no its a 55, so no problems there.

08-04-2008, 07:57 PM
what about your fuel pressure regulator hmmmmmmm?