View Full Version : testing a fuel pressure regulator

stupid nissan
08-03-2008, 09:06 PM
is there a way to test it and make sure it works. i have tried searching with a couple of different titles and got nothing. the reason i think it is bad is because i tried to start my sr swap to day and it wasn't starting. i made sure that it had spark buy pulling all the coilpacks out and put a plug on them. they had spark so my next thought was fuel. pulled the line off and turned on the ignition and fuel came out. then i pulled off my fuel rail to see if the injectors were spraying and they weren't. so i want to test the fpr to make sure it works. but i have never done it and don't know how. also is there any way i can soak my injectors in some thing to clean them or what would i have to do.

thank you for your time and advise


08-04-2008, 03:08 PM
as for the fuel press regulator is it stock and yes you can test it pull the vacume line off of it if it leaks out fuel the regulato is bad if it doent then it is good and dont soak your injectors in anything use sea foam it works the best i have found out did u ever think of a fuel filter tho