View Full Version : Sr20det engine harness with painless kit

07-27-2008, 10:47 PM
basically i have a painless harness in my s14 with a s13 sr i am changing out the engine harness from a s13 harness that was converted to s14 to just a normal s13 sr harness and i was wiring the harness in for power and saw this chart from frsport.com

sr wire color ka wire color function

Black / Pink stripe Black / Pink stripe Fuel pump relay
Green / Orange stripe Green / Orange stripe Transmission neutral switch
Red / Black stripe Red / Black stripe ECU relay
Green / Yellow stripe Green / Yellow stripe* AC relay
Black / White stripe Black / White stripe ECU power
Blue / Green stripe Blue / Green stripe AC relay
Black / Yellow stripe Black / Yellow stripe Idle air control solenoid power
Brown Any +12V Switched** O2 sensor power
Red Red ECU backup power
Black / Red
Blue / Red Black / Red stripe Main ignition power

the only ones that i think matter are the ecu power back up ecu power and main ignition power but my car was still surging while at idle do i need to wire up the Idle air control solenoid power???? What does everyone else wire up to the engine harness when they do a painless kit? I figure i am not giving power to something thats making it surge. Also my alternator is putting out 15 volts and i am just giving power to the bottem wire of the alternator plug is this correct?