View Full Version : opinion on new setup...to run afc or not to

06-24-2008, 10:55 PM
well heres the low down. i just recently completley overhauled my car and was running a djetro power fc/2871r/740cc injectors/264,264 cams/greddy intake manifold. the response sucked ass and i missed my gt28r. soooooo i sold the setup and am now going to be running a gt28r/kept the 264's/stock injectors/stock manifold/z32 mafs/stock ecu/prob. run 10psi with a boost cut at 13. FINALLY i'll get to my question, technically this setup will run fine on a stock ecu but i found a great deal on that pos afc neo. i picked it up but now am debating if its even worth running. the ONLY reason i grabbed it was so i could take advantage of the camshafts and clean up the fuel/ignition maps and make sure everything is running well. but is it even worth installing or will possibly cause more harm then good? will i even be able to do what i want with it? any and all help is greatly appreciated.