View Full Version : sr20det no power below 2,500rpm!!!!

06-12-2008, 06:29 PM
Hi guys I Have a s13 sr20det in my s13 and im having some problems. I have a garrett gt2876r .64 only runing 8lbs,nismo 740cc injectors, hks step1 cams, greddy intake manifold, z32 maf, enthalpy tune etc...etc. Well when i drive the car if i let the rpms go below 2,500 and if you give it any kind of throttle the car will bog and buck and almost die. It has no power below 2,500 but after 2,500 it runs fine and has a shit load of power. It does the same thing if you rev it up with it in neutral except that it hesitates a little then after 2500 revs fast
I checked
fuel pump
Im getting spark on all coils
im getting tons of fuel
fuel pressure is good
spark plugs gapped at .028
no boost leak or vacuum leak
compression is good
no codes
Im thinking that its getting to much fuel below 2500 so thats why it bogs but im not 100% sure. I just ordered a safc and a wideband. Please let me know if you have any ideas on what it could be.

06-16-2008, 04:17 AM
im leaning towards fuel like you said. let me know your numbers i just bought this turbo and waiting for it to come in. but i have a 2.35 stroker

06-16-2008, 06:39 AM
You're getting too much fuel. I had the exact same problem when I bought an S14 w/

T28 @ 10psi
740cc injectors
nismo fpr

i removed everything except the t28 and the fpr, set boost to 5psi and put stock sr injectors.. everything worked fine afterwards.

06-17-2008, 01:14 AM
Well i tested the ecu pinout can anyone tell me if they see any problems.
(Engine on/engine off key on)
Fuel Injector # 1 Drive Input (13.87/ 12.35)
EAI AIV Control Solenoid Output (No wire)
Fuel Injector # 3 Drive Input (13.87/12.35)
Fuel Pump Relay ( .870/12.35)
Fuel Pressure Control Module no wire
A/C Relay (14.07/12.35)
Fuel Injector Ground (.017/.005)
Fuel Injector Ground (.017/.000)

ECU Current Return ( 14.08/12.37)
Fuel Injector # 2 Drive Input (.001/12.37)
Turbo Boost Pressure Control Solenoid no wire
Fuel Injector # 4 Drive Input (13.95/12.37)
Auxiliary Air Control, Idle Speed Control (7.20-7.40/1.145)

Fuel Injector Ground (.002/.005)
Ignition Signal # 1 (1.027-1.115/.010)
Ignition Signal # 2 (1.027-1.115/.010)
Tachometer Signal Output (.624-2.710/.012)
ECU Relay (.864/.851)

Ignition Signal Ground (.008/.001)
Receive (Control Unit Data Reception) RX no wire
Ignition Signal # 3 (.107/.010)
Ignition Signal # 4 (.100/.010)
A/C Relay no wire

Automatic Transmission Gear Select no wire
Ignition Signal Ground (.008/.001)

Mass Air Flow Sensor Signal Input (1.34/1.134)
Mass Air Flow Sensor Ground (0.000/010)
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Input (1.198/1.385)
Oxygen Sensor Input (.003/.012)
Throttle Position Sensor (.428/..048)
Sensor Ground (0.000/.010)
Cam Angle Sensor 180 Degree Signal (.650-.780/.193)
CLK Data Link Connector For Nissan Consult no wire
Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Add Wire For Check Engine Light) no wire
Exhaust Over Temp Warning Lamp Output no wire
Exhaust Temperature Sensor no wire
Detonation/ Knock Sensor Input (2.498/2.515)
Automatic Transmission TPS (Kick Down Switch) no wire
Sensor Ground (.000/.010)
Cam Angle Sensor 180 Degree Signal (.600-.800/.193)
Cam Angle Sensor 1 Degree Signal (2.580/.192)
Vehicle Speed Sensor (.229/.075)

Start Signal (.000/.010)
Park/ Neutral Position Switch (6.71/6.19)
Ignition Switch (12.95/12.31)
Throttle Position Sensor Power Output (5.15/5.15)
ECU Power (14.05/12.31)
ECU Ground (.001/0.009)
Cam Angle Sensor 1 Degree Signal ( 8.43/.192)
A/C ON Switch no wire
Automatic Transmission Gear Select no wire
Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch ( no wire)
Automatic Transmission Gear Select no wire
Intake Air Temperature Sensor no wire
ECU Backup Power (14.10/12.33)
ECU Power (14.05/12.32)
ECU Ground (.000/.009)

06-19-2008, 12:41 PM
Car now runs perfect, Just needed a re-flash from enthalpy.