View Full Version : ka24e, bad head gasket...

06-05-2008, 06:42 AM
i have a ka24e that i just yanked out of my car the other night. it has bad rod knock, and has been like that for quite a while.

however, i just bought a low mile block with a bad head gasket for $120. he told me to put a new gasket and stud kit on it and use the head from my old knocking motor....

why exactly cant i use the head off of the engine that had a bad gasket? i mean, it was not driven for very long after the gasket went bad. and it turns over fine?!

please let me know what head i should use...the low mile one(the bad gasket motor)


the higher mile one(spun bearing engine)


06-05-2008, 09:43 PM
if its just a bad head gasket, than you should be fine with the head thats on it. but if he really thinks you need a new head, than its probly because the timing chain jumped or broke and a few valves were floated. or MAYBE he over heated the shit out of it and the heads warped.

the next step for you is to take the new motor apart and check it out. i would take the timing cover off 1st, check to see if the head and crank are alligned correctly, look for broken timing guide tensioner or chain... take the head off check out what the head gasket looks like, check pistons for valve marks, maybe take the head to a machine shop to get it decked and check for bent valves...

definatly replace the timing set before you use the motor. its 10x easier to do it out of the car. do it right the 1st time, trust me