View Full Version : distributor axle mixup

06-03-2008, 08:24 PM
this is for the ka24E. single cam.

well i looked at this autozone 'guide' before i put my engine together... http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/17/f2/37/0900823d8017f237/repairInfoPages.htm
i noticed that if you put the axle for the distributor/oil pump the way they put it in the pictures, then the distributor points to cyl #4 :loco:

i was going insane all day trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with my motor. i even took the chain off of the top sprocket and realligned the head to the bottom end. am i wrong or is the autozone link wrong>?

if you put the axle thing in like this picture, the distributor ends up on cyl 4. yet they say it should be pointing to #1