View Full Version : VQ30 Throttle fuckup

06-01-2008, 09:22 AM
Drove my new TT Z32 around for some 200 miles yesterday, the last 2 miles or so the gas pedal started sticking at the very top right when you start to push it down, it rapidly started sticking more and more, then it got to the point where with no pressure on the pedal the engine started revving out of control so I had to kill it and park it on the side of the road.

I assumed at the time one of the rubber stoppers on the throttle cables had broken off and gotten jammed some how but that wasn't the case, after about 20 minutes of head scratching I finally realized what was happening, (see image, not my enginebay fyi)

The little pipe there with the 90* bend in it had become dislodged about 1.5-2mm (had to look back and forth at my functional Z and this one about 10 times before I realized it). One of the metal stoppers on the shaft for the throttle was getting caught on the side of the pipe. For right then I put the rubber end of my screwdriver up against that pipe, and tapped it back into place so I could drive it home, I tried to pull it out after that to see how tight it was, it's tight enough that I can't move it by hand. It's stayed put so far but I figure I need a more permanent solution to prevent it from coming loose again, either like a cable tie around it, or stick some sort of seal on it, but I don't even know what that pipe is, any one shed some light on that? Or ever heard of this happening before? Thanks!

1990 300zx TT