View Full Version : No spark at Coil...

05-09-2008, 08:26 AM
Long story short, I lost oil pressure, spun a bearing, and so I had my motor rebuilt. At the time everything else was fine.. A few days ago I got my motor back and we dropped it in. (KA24DE) Only mods made were,
Taking out my swirl valves,
Taking off all emissions.

Now I can't seem to get spark at my coil and I can't figure out why. From what my friend and I can see my harness is all hooked up with the exception of my fans, AC Compressor, and the sensors where the IAV, EGR, and Swirl Valve Actuator was.. And from what my friend says KA's coils and Igniters rarley ever go bad.... Can anyone think of anything else it might be, or if not having those couple sensors would fuck with it? I know people take their emissions off all the time...

Why won't my 240 quit taunting me?!?!?!?!:axe:

05-09-2008, 01:53 PM
Did you open up the head, or rebuild it along with the bottom end? A possibility is that when you lost oil pressure, the gear on the cam that drives the distributor might have gotten chewed up and so the distributor isn't turning anymore. I'm not familiar with the gears on KA cams (plastic?) but that's one thing to consider.