View Full Version : Oil Pump Rebuild?

05-07-2008, 07:23 PM
I know you can rebuild the oil pump on the KADE, but what parts do you need specifically? I'm on the courtesy website & I don't know exactly I need..

#144166M here?

does the drive gear assembly need to be replaced?

05-07-2008, 08:22 PM
You can buy front covers with a new oil pump installed from ebay and parts stores. It will be cheaper !

05-07-2008, 08:26 PM
yeah man...this isnt the 70's anymore when you have to rebuild everything... just throw it in a metal recycling bin, and get a new one.

05-07-2008, 09:30 PM
oil pumps on ebay and in store are over 100 dollars, because they include the lower timing cover.
rebuild kits (mainly the rubber and spring portions) are only 25 ish. am i missing something?

05-08-2008, 12:42 AM
Bingo. parts are like $20, a new cover from the dealer is over $200.

05-08-2008, 03:36 AM
so just to clarify, those are the only parts I need for a "rebuild" right?

05-08-2008, 09:39 AM
you have to check all the parts,a lot of work,it's easier to buy a new one,and put it directly on engine no??

05-08-2008, 10:23 AM
The big killer on the Ka with regards to the oiling system is the oil pressure regulator. They tend to wear and get stuck in the pump cover resulting either no or very high oil pressure.

I would inspect the cover and regulator very carefully to see if it moves smoothly. If there are any scratches I would replace it and the cover. I killed my first rebuild due to this oversight. When I build my next motor I will just replace the whole thing for peace of mind.

PS: The cover and regulator are only $35 and $12 respectively over at Midway Parts Team.

05-08-2008, 02:17 PM
Awesome sauce. thank you!