View Full Version : ka24e to ka24de

05-05-2008, 10:26 PM
so i heard a little about being able to swap a ka24e with a dual cam head

but with the flat top pistons its gonna give it higher comprestion witch isnt bad if ur goin to have a all motor car but what other kinds of flaws and bumps can u run into doin it
i have a ka24e engine in the garage along with my spare dual cam engine i have but im using it to build a ka-t
my current ka shot a spark plug and wire right out of the valve cover idk how i was just driving home from work and i heard like a knock or a rock sound in the engine and next thing u kno i see my wire shattered into 3 peices and a nasty dent in my hood
so fuck it i have a extra engine to work with
any ideas with the single came engine and my messed up dual?
any intell will help