View Full Version : Redtop pissing me off...

04-23-2008, 11:24 AM
alright guys here is the situation...i started rebuilding my sr about 6 months ago and i am still having shit ass problems with it. I have pulled and rebuilt this motor four times prior to this one. I am rebuilding a 5th time YES 5th time in the last six months!!! I just finished it up today and i gotta say i was pretty damn hyped up...i finished at around six or so, i go to fire her up and no compression on any cylinder what so ever...some of you might be like ugh valves are open or your rings are bad...nope not the case. My teacher showed me a little trick where you pour a tiny bit of oil into each cylinder to help the rings seal. So i did and low and behold cylinder one is a fucking champ...building compression almost instantly. So i move on to two and three and i get nothing. At this point im pretty stumped, for the fuck of it i do cylinder four and again a fucking champ...great compression. so my question is why the hell are only two of my cylinders not building compression...??? any help is more than appreciated...i mean seriously five rebuilds in the last six months...and in case your wondering why so many rebuilds??? Honestly i dont remember...haha, but this last time i bent two exhaust valves and had to replace two valve guids...please help me out...now im to the point where im thinking its the head and im just gonna get another one...:wtc: :down: :squintd: :fawk2: