View Full Version : Odd CAS problem

04-17-2008, 03:27 PM
I pulled my harness and cut everything to length for a wire tuck. I get done and put the harness in the car. First thing i do is check for codes and im getting an 11. I fiddled around with some stuff and had no success so i decided i would take the easiest route first and check to make sure it was grounded properly. I cut the ground i had running to the cabin and made a new one that just ran to the chasis right next to the CAS. I check my codes and get a 55. so i tried starting the car and it wont start up. i check codes again and get the 11 again. i decided my 2 second ground replacement could be crap. so i made a more solid ground and wire it up and im back to a code 55. i try firing the car up with no success and get a code 11 again. i pull the key completely out and tinker, code 55 again. try to start the car, another 11. the ground i put on it is SOLID. i dont get why the ecu is going back and forth and the freakin codes... any ideas?

04-19-2008, 08:23 PM
Does my logic work? Could it be that when i put the key in that the ECU is grounded properly and then when i try to crank the car there isnt enough grounding for all the electronics and so the ECU basically throws every code? i mean, CAS code is 11 and thats the first code. would it make sense that if the ecu was to throw every code, it would start with the first?