View Full Version : Manual tranny bolts

03-31-2008, 03:44 PM
here is a list of all the bolts needed for installing a manual transmission, as its kind of a pain to source used tranny bolts, and its price rape at the dealer.

all bolts are m10x1.5 thread pitch, and will need washers of proper size.

(4) 60mm bolts
(1) 70mm bolt
(2) 35mm bolts
(1) 65mm bolt
(1) 25mm bolt
(2) 95mm bolts (starter bolts)

it may be difficult to find the exact size, as they generally carry them in increments of 10,so dont feel afraid to round up. oh, and tomake it easier to remove tranny next time, you dont have to usebolts on the top. some people i know have i think 3 on either side, and thats it.