View Full Version : Anyone have info on adding ABS to a non ABS car?

11-06-2002, 03:57 PM
Alright title says it all. Im wondering what all is involved in adding ABS to my non ABS S13. I would like to know what parts are necessary for changing, and hopefully pricing for each part? Also a level of difficulty for pulling off a task like this would be nice. Thank you much &nbsp;<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>

11-06-2002, 06:14 PM
First off if you get a junked 240 and pull off all of the hard lines and ABS controller and I think you have to change the Master cylinder ::?:: not sure on that one It would be somewhat affordable. &nbsp;Brand new all of that would be pricey as hell but from a junked 240 definately doable if you have the time to pull all the crap off the old 240 then put on yours. &nbsp;I just think the hardlines will be a complete PITA to get off and get back on w/o breaking since they are very long. &nbsp;
I was just throwing in my .02 but someone maybe able to give you a better idea of what is involved and how much it may cost

Oh yeah, you may have to mod your harness so the ECU talks to the ABS controller

11-06-2002, 06:46 PM
In a general ABS system there is the MC(as in all brakes), ABS brake pedal switch, Inlet/Isolation Valve, Outlet/Dump Valve, HCU, and a Pump and Motor. This is very general so if you have any questions just post and I'll try to answer your question.

11-06-2002, 08:37 PM
according to the chilton's brake schematics...

the MC will probably have to be replaced, and you will need to get an ABS actuator. you'll also need all the lines from another ABS S13 or get new ones.

you will also have to replace the front brake calipers (and maybe rotors). non-ABS is CL22VB, ABS is CL25VA.

and you will also have somehow get your ECU to work with the ABS system.

i think this would be lots of trouble and is going to be costly, but if you really need ABS, then that's what you'll have to do.

of course, you can also learn how to control your brakes like ABS by training your right foot <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':laugh:'>

i've never really driven an ABS car because there's no car with ABS in the household and I am glad my S13 doesn't have it <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/thumbs-up.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':thumbsup:'>

although i have driven cars equipped with it, i never found myself in situations where i would activate ABS

11-06-2002, 10:09 PM
Maybe it would be easier to use the ECU from an ABS equipped S13 and disable the Super HICAS part of it?

11-07-2002, 12:21 AM
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (SR20Fastback @ Nov. 06 2002,10:09)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Maybe it would be easier to use the ECU from an ABS equipped S13 and disable the Super HICAS part of it?</td></tr></table><span id='postcolor'>
you only have super hicas if you have vlsd i think...but then you might be able to get super hicas without the lsd, but i'm really not so sure

but if you can get an ecu from a car that has everything the same as yours, you're likely going to be able to get it to work...

things i know, or think i know to make sure are the same are power steering, abs, a/c, hicas, power windows/locks(?), might be some other things, also, but i don't know what they are

11-07-2002, 12:29 AM
I have power nothing except steering and brakes.

11-07-2002, 06:35 AM
Honestly I think it would be easier to find a 240 w/ all the goodies that you want and drop your SR in that one instead of custom fabing everything in your car.

If you eventually want to get into road racing ::I think I saw a post where you said you wanted to:: the ABS is very nice to have (one less thing to worry about) &nbsp;
Ex: At VIR coming down the back straight at about 125mph into turn one slaming on the brakes @ brake marker #3 and leaving them on until the false apex then power on all the way through until turn two. &nbsp;--Locking up the brakes at 125, I would assume, could be quite scarry.

I have HICAS also and I didn't notice it at all on the track so if I were you I wouldn't really bother w/ the HICAS eliminator unless you want to drift &nbsp;<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/thumbs-up.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':thumbsup:'>

11-07-2002, 07:59 AM
Thats true, but do I really want to give up my car &nbsp;<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':('> I guess I could start looking for another one (preferabbly the same color).

11-07-2002, 10:43 AM
The wiring would be the hardest part. &nbsp;The ABS actuator and the new hard lines aren't going to be cheap though. &nbsp;To get the sensors you'll need the front hubs and bearings and the rear diff (great excuse to swap to 5-lug and a VLSD...)

You don't HAVE to swap the front calipers. &nbsp;I have the bigger CL25VA calipers on my non-ABS car so the opposite swap should work. &nbsp;Or you could use 300ZX calipers. &nbsp;or whatever.

You could get ABS by itself (without HICAS or an LSD) in the US on an S13. &nbsp;ABS alone was optional for all models '89-'90, SE coupes and LE fastbacks '91-'93.

drift freaq
11-07-2002, 09:06 PM
if you are going racing you do not want ABS period same goes for drifting. Most people that take their ABS cars to the track disable their ABS.ABS can get in the way of trail braking and heel toeing.
you can learn to modulate your brakes naturally so they don't lock up. All a ABS system does is modulate the brakes rapidly so they do not lock up.
Most ordinary drivers to not bother to learn how to brake a car properly to begin with. they just stomp on the brakes and they lock up.
Manufactures came up with ABS to help these people.
Most experienced race car and sports car drivers already have learned superior braking techniques. So ABS is another one of those luxury items for the non serious driver and its considered a safty item for these same drivers.
In a sports car context its not needed IMHO. Learn to brake like a pro. You will be happier. There is nothing like going through a corner heel toeing and the guy behind you see's your brake lights on but your going like stink and he can't keep up. It tucks your front end in when you do this. Its a very light braking technique.
you see guys at the track doing this late into corners it allows them to set the car up at the apex to launch hard under full control.

11-07-2002, 11:28 PM
Wow Drift Freaq I wasn't aware of that. Could you recommend a place to read up on these braking techniques? I'm all of a sudden not so concerned about finding an ABS 240 if I can eventually master my own braking <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>

drift freaq
11-09-2002, 12:30 AM
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Wow Drift Freaq I wasn't aware of that. Could you recommend a place to read up on these braking techniques? I'm all of a sudden not so concerned about finding an ABS 240 if I can eventually master my own braking &nbsp;
</td></tr></table><span id='postcolor'>

now if I am correct you are coming off as a condescending punk. i.e. typical newbie response to a informed post that could actually help his pathetic ass. If he took his head out of it.
Now if I am wrong I take back what I just said, but I would guess I am right and you are a punk ass. Who does not know a thing about driving and your probably 16 with no car . which means you need to go to driving school as well come back when you have 20 years of experience under your belt sonny and then you can talk smack to me

11-10-2002, 10:01 PM
No, I was serious. You said most drivers don't know how to brake a car properly. When you said learn to brake like a pro I was wondering how is that exactly done? I don't remember learning to brake like a pro in driving school. Yeah I am still young and don't know much obviously that's one of the reasons I'm here. Sorry, I guess I didn't realize how idiotic my question was. Wont happen again.

drift freaq
11-12-2002, 02:02 AM
ok, fair is fair. I got harsh on you, I apologize. It was just the way you put that smile after the question, made it look like you were trying to be a smart ass.
Ok, I do not know where you went to driving to school but when I mentioned that, I meant racing school. The kind that is taught at race tracks. The other way to learn is to befriend people who are successful autocrossers and racers and ask them to show you. &nbsp;
It is also that comes with competitive driving experience . The more you drive the more you learn. The average driver in the U.S. does not really know how to drive when they are handed their drivers license at the age of 16. They are taught rudimentary stuff. They usually do not go far beyond basic drivng skills because its not encouraged. In fact its frowned on by law enforcement and AAA.
In Europe you can not get a drivers license till you can take the car on a skidpad and prove you can control the car under extreme conditions.

11-12-2002, 08:24 PM
Cool, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.