View Full Version : Need Help, Already Searched, Moon Roof Help Please!!!

03-27-2008, 11:39 AM
i did a search and havent seen too many people with the moon roof that i have on my S14 kouki, so im not sure how many people have it and it led me to believe the one i have is rare??? before i go in deeper to investigate i was just wondering if maybe someone had this problem already and there is a simple solution... ive only seen the one that tilts up... well i have the one touch motorized moon roof that tilts up and fully slides back via the motor, use to work ok for a while the only prob with it was that when i take the key out the moon roof would slide back and forth like it was cursed, so i would have to close it first, then pull out the key... BUT NOW the problem is that it is opened a bit more than half way but now it wont close no matter what, key in or out... when i push the button it make a clicking sound like there is power but thats all, it just make the click noise and then nothing... it hasnt closed for the last maybe 5 days, and i tried but could not locate any type of fuse or relay for it, i checked all my fuses to see if any were blown that may have interrupted the signal but all are fine... im kind of stumped right now, any ideas on what the problem might be??? thanks in advance for all your help guys!!!