View Full Version : S14 jackstand points

s14 RL
10-28-2002, 10:30 PM
Hey all of you familiar with using jackstands to support your S14...are you all using the 4 recommended points at the sides of the car (the ones that each have a lip sticking out) to support the car? If so, are you using the "safety stand adapters" for jackstands described in the the factory service manual (SST No. LM4519-0000)? I tried calling Kent Moore to order 4 adapters but they don't even have them listed in their database. If you're not using the recommended jackstand points, where are you placing your stands? Any help and/or pictures would be very much appreciated.

I'd also very much like to know if any of you have these adapters described in the FSM--if so how did you get them?

I remember DSC posted something on the same topic a while back about using jackstands to support around the front crossmember and the rear subframe near the differential but I can't find it using the search function.  Also I would prefer to get the stands in at the recommended locations which are a little further out (and more stable I'm guessing)--so let me know how you guys are doing this!  Thanks!