View Full Version : quick headlight question

02-19-2008, 10:11 AM
im sure i could search around to find the answers to this but i am in a rush so i figured i would just throw this on here to get some answers by the time i get home tonight...

s13 with silvia frnt end conv. and the headlights only work on high beams, which relays/fuses besides the two on the passengers side fuse box in the engine bay that say headlamp should i check, i dont quite understand what h/l ret means on the relay covers, i think it means retract, but anyways, i need to figure this out haha thanks for the help and sorry if its a stupid question

EDIT: using a DMM i found that on the three pin connector, the ground wire read around 3-5 ohms when checking connectivity to ground, yet on the other car, it reads around 25-35 ohms on the ground side yet the high beams still work, im kind of confused, im going to get a wiring schematic at school today but any help is appreciated

02-19-2008, 10:19 AM
did they ever work before? if not then I'd say it's your wiring, there aren't separate fuses for high and low beams, they are just split left and right.