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02-10-2008, 10:42 PM
hey all im new to the 240 scene, i got a few questions that are probably easy for you guys to answer that will help me out a ton!

well heres the story, im about to buy this 240 from a local guy and he has some problems with it

-he says the brakes arent working 100%, he said that even with the pedal down all the way, it stops very slowwww. hes not a mechanic but he "THINKS" (quoting exactly what he says) i think theres no air in the brake lines because when the clutch isnt engaged, pressure builds up, and when the clutch is engaged, no pressure builds up at all. so my question is, whats the problem? and around how much will it cost to solve this problem?

-rear brake light doesnt work because of something he said, like... when u brake, the sensor or whatever behind it doesnt go off, so you'll need to replace that for the backlights to work. my question is, how much would it cost to replace this?

sorry guys i know im a huge noob but im new to the scene, much thanks! anymore info needed on those problems, i cant tell ya cuz idunno nor does the owner. if we can talk on aim about this it would be even better and faster, my aim is ethannsayz i am online right now! thanks all!

02-10-2008, 10:45 PM
if i were you i would just get a totally new brake setup or get a setup from a working car that has no problems also maybe get a q45 or j30 calipers and rotors (well worth the money imo) u can get from any junk yard

02-10-2008, 10:48 PM
well im looking to fix the problem if its cheap, if not then ill just get new brake setup like the 300zx brakes, which my brother has and its working nice in his car so im fine with it also. most importantly i need to know how much would it be to fix my problem to decide if i should fix it or not ya know. im trying to save $$ for an sr, this car would be my daily for a few months until i get around 3g's for an sr swap.

02-10-2008, 10:55 PM
my brake light problem is fixed! thanks Raskalking!

02-10-2008, 10:58 PM

02-10-2008, 11:00 PM
thanks busboy but it was the brake switch under the pedal

02-11-2008, 12:29 AM
either the brake system needs a flushing(which it probably does) or its leaking somewhere. should be easy to do yourself

02-11-2008, 12:32 AM
the braking system is different than the clutch system, which shouldnt make a difference in the brake pedal feel. check the fluid, maybe flush the whole system, check the pedal height as well. if those are all in working order. check the pads/calipers.

02-11-2008, 12:34 AM
I had a friend that had the same problem with his (new to him) hatch. He was leaking fluid from his driver rear caliper. Heres what I did to find it.

1. Check the brake fluid level. (its probably low as hell)
2. Buy the correct brake fluid and fill to proper limit.
3. Find leak (if any then fix problem)
4. Flush system.
5. Bleed system.

In my friends case, we found a caliper from the Jyard, 12 bucks!

02-11-2008, 12:41 AM
The brake lights have nothing to do with the functionality of the actual brake system.

The clutch hydraulics system is not linked to the brake system.

It is most likely either low brake fluid, or there is air in the brake lines.

Next possible thing would be a bad master cyl. $75 at kragens.
Make sure yo bench bleed the master before installation and full brake line bleeding.

Hope you check out www.ewwiwop.com

02-11-2008, 01:41 AM
thanks guys! very very helpful, when i purchase this car this week ill let you guys know how it goes! im so excited, my first car and its a 240! =D im buying it for $600!! ac and ps works, 117k miles, 5spd, flat black paint, 1 dent in left fender, no backseat, what a steal xD

02-11-2008, 01:48 AM
Ya but there is probably a reason that it is such a steal. Inspect the chasis thououghly for rust and accident damage. The flat black paint job is a big red flag for me.

02-11-2008, 02:14 AM
well it isnt flat black, it looks flat black but its the original black faded. im getting the VIN when he wakes up and gonna carfax it. =] he says its a 100% clean title though. still gonna check =D his reason was that he needs $$ for medical bills. thanks for the heads up though buddy, if anything i got another clean coupe shell to transfer parts =D

02-11-2008, 02:54 AM
Look on the bottom side and make sure there isn't major rust. If there is interior look under stuff for signs of water damage(also if you can take the door panels off) Make sure you don't buy a car with water damage, I saw this cause you are from New Orleans, it could have been flooded which would be a nightmare.

02-11-2008, 03:18 AM
well to make this all short, i can just carfax it whenever he wakes up lol =] then we'll see if hes lying or not ^^ just curious, even if flooded, wouldnt it still be okay to buy for $600 since i will be swapping for an sr after a few months of driving it?

02-11-2008, 03:25 AM
If it got flooded with saltwater the chasis will be rusting pretty bad from the inside out. If you find out it got flooded DON'T BUY IT! Also if he never reported it to his insurance company flood damage might not show up on a carfax report. Inspect it VERY thoroughly.

02-11-2008, 03:37 AM
okay thanks guys, since its hard to find a freaking complete swap down here is it ok to still buy it even if its flooded and swap over the internals to my other shell? i mean 600 for a running de and 5spd tranny with all accessories isnt too bad right? especially if i cant find it down here.....