View Full Version : how to bleed brakes ?

10-18-2002, 02:14 AM
i just bought a se of steel braded brake lines for my 95 240sx  and want to put them on asap.  but i am not fully sure aof how to bleed the lines.  any help would be appreciated

10-18-2002, 09:13 AM
After you swap out the lines, this is the procedure.  If you have speed bleeders, you can skip some parts, but anyway...

1.  Connect clear plastic tube to bleed screw
2.  Drop tube into a container
3.  Check to make sure that fluid level in MC reservoir is good to go for now.
4.  Have someone pump the brake pedal until it is firm and then *hold* it there.
5.  You turn the bleed screw so it opens and fluid comes out.
6.  The pedal will fall...do NOT let it touch the floor...hold it about an inch off.
7.  Close bleed screw.
8.  Pump, open, bleed, close, repeat.
9.  Do that until the bubbles stop coming...make sure to check your reservoir a lot (leave the cap off, it's fine).
10. Go to the next brake...in the proper order, which IIRC is:

Left Rear
Right Rear
Right Front
Left Front

But that's TOTALLY different if you have ABS.  Oh, and I see you have an S14...ask someone who has an S14 with ABS about that.