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12-09-2007, 01:43 PM

Getting ready for 2008!!
Start the year off great!!

Ok people, I am helping the ifo guys promote this event, more info can be found here: www.importfaceoff.com

The event scheduled for 2/24/08, will be at a noproblemraceway(NPR), its a full race track that has a drag strip and a 1.8mile roadcourse(where drifting will be held). More info about the track can be found here: www.noproblemraceway.com

The event scheduled for 3/16/08 will be at Red River Raceway(RRR). More info about the track can be found here: www.redriverraceway.net

From my past expirences, I've been to the Ifo at NPR very often, almost every year, and it is very fun. I love that roadcourse and with everybody there with the car show and drag event, it adds to the fun.

The event at RRR, from my expirence, I've only been there once, and it is a fun event also. Besides not being able to drift on a roadcourse, the parking lot setup is differnt, and just as fun.

There is usually a drift competition with cash payouts in previous years, but I'm not sure if it will be the same this year.

As time progresses, I will find out.

This thread's purpose is to help generate interests from the surrounding southern area of zilvia. If you have any questions, just reply here or email me.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you guys out there!

here are some pictures from previous years at npr:

05 Andy Sapp, Aaron Loosey, etc.

also, i have more pictures from other events at npr, that i'll post later.

see ya there!!!

please visit: www.nodrft.com

12-09-2007, 02:38 PM
In referance to RRR,
so far the only drift event has been the Street Battle event the IFO people did. Im hoping theres a drift event for that, if that is the case, i am definately going to be there. Im definatley gonna make an effort to go to npr too, but depends on school scheduling.

heres pics from rrr street battle





12-09-2007, 02:39 PM
NPR is the goodness that makes life worth while...

IFO in montgomery was a bunch of ugly cars not worth taking pictures of...the drag event was good though...thats for sure

12-09-2007, 05:00 PM
more pics there!!

12-09-2007, 06:07 PM
IFO here in dayton the times it was here had drift events, i even got to compete, but sucked... I met the guys who put them on seemed like they know what they were doing. IFO in Louisville /jeffersonville IN this year kinda sucked, car show was a joke, no drag race action, and the drift event was continually int interrupted by some horrible bike stunt team.

hopefully this year they will bring it back to dayton, but not likely since the owner of the local track didnt get along with them very well, or anyone from our personal experiance with the track.


12-09-2007, 07:43 PM
heres a few vids...


kinda crap, but u can see the track...well the part of the track that they allow drifting...

12-13-2007, 03:20 PM
no drift comp this year, just FREE open road course time for the experienced drifters. Once I figure out the exact drift times, I'll post... will probably only be about 2-3 hours of RC time. We have to use the track most of the day for drag qualifying and eliminations. If it's wet or raining though, which it probably will as usually, the entire day will be spent on the road course.

Other activities will be the usual... car/truck/bike show, bikini contest, burnout contest, bloody midgets, MMA, etc. Series info on www.ImportFaceOff.net

Thanks for posting those pics of previous events. The asian girl that in those pics is a porn star now. Her vids are all over the net, LOL.

LA contestants should attend other IFOs that are within driving distance. Here's the tentative 2008 IMPORT FACE-OFF schedule...

January 20 - Houston, TX - Houston Raceway Park (4th annual)
February 10 - Tucson, AZ - Southwestern International Raceway
February 24 - Baton Rouge, LA - No Problem Raceway (8th annual)
March 16 - Shreveport, LA - Red River Raceway (5th annual)
April 20 - Oklahoma City, OK - Thunder Valley Raceway (5th annual)
May 18 - Birmingham, AL - Alabama International Dragway (2nd annual)
June 1 - Cleveland, OH - U.S. 42 Dragway
July 13 - Chicago, IL - U.S. 41 Dragway
August 24 - Columbus, OH - National Trail Raceway (3rd annual)
August 31 - Kansas City, MO - Kansas City International Raceway (5th annual)
September 21 - Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Raceway Park (2nd annual)
October 19 - Indianapolis, IN - Indianapolis Raceway
October 26 - Dallas, TX - Texas Motorplex (3rd annual)
November 9 - Montgomery, AL - Montgomery Motorsports Park (6th annual)
December 14 - San Antonio, TX - San Antonio Raceway (5th annual)

/ ALL 1/4 MILES DRAG EVENTS. The Houston and NPR event will be the only ones with Drift.
i just got a reply from the event host...

01-22-2008, 08:56 AM
8th annual IMPORT FACE-OFF presented by Baton Rouge Scion Dealers: Sunday, February 24th at No Problem Raceway. Series info on www.IMPORTFACEOFF.net

Gates will open at 9am. Car show registration from 9am to 11am, judging begins at 11, awards ceremony at 4:30. Drifting from 9am to 11, 2:30 to 3, and after drag finals to 5. Race qualifying at 11:00, 12:15, & 1:30. Eliminations at 2:45, 4:00, & 5:00 (or sooner).

SHOW CLASSES: Best Interior, Best Paint/Finish, Best Engine Bay, Best Display, Best Mitsubishi, Best Toyota, Best Scion, Best Nissan, Best Mazda, Best Euro, Best Civic (mild), Best Civic (wild), Best Other Honda (mild), Best Other Honda (wild), Best Acura (mild), Best Acura (wild), Best Other Import (Subaru, Hyundai, etc.), Best Domestic Sports Compact, Best Domestic Car, Best Domestic Truck/SUV, Best Import Truck/SUV, Best Luxury, Best Exotic, Best Underconstruction, Best Club Participation, Best Club Representation $200, Best of Show $300. Additional classes and/or places to be added depending on participation (usually a class for every 4 of a specific make/model vehicle). Visit www.ImportFaceOff.net for judging criteria and sample score card.

SFWD Quick 8 $1200 presented by S.P.E.C.(FWD 4 cyl only, slicks and open exhaust OK)
Street Class Quick 8 $1000 (FWD, RWD, or AWD 4/6 cyl or rotary only, DOT tires and muffler required)
All Motor Quick 4 $500 (F/R/AWD 4/6 cyl or rotary, n/a engines only, slicks OK for FWD only, open exhaust OK)
Bracket 14.99 and Faster $200 (any import or domestic sport compact)
Bracket 15.00 and Slower $200 (any import or domestic sport compact)
Motorcycle Bracket $100 (any motorcycle of import origin)
*full fields required for full payout. Full = 8 cars for Quick 8 classes, 4 cars for Quick 4 classes.

PRICES: Spectator $13 with flier (regular $15)
Car show entry $25
Test and tune racer (open to any make/model) $20
Competition racer (import or sport compacts only) $30
Dyno $50 for 3 pulls
ALL registration at the front gate on the day of the show. FREE competition passes for contestants traveling 200+ miles. Group discounts available for car clubs. Visit website (http://www.importfaceoff.net/registration.htm) for more info.

OTHER ACTIVITIES that will be going on include: drifting, Usaci stereo crank it up contest (www.SoundOff.org), $400 hot body contest (weather permitting - ladies, call to register), dyno, burnout contest, mixed martial arts expo with open submission grappling, vendors, giveaways, and DJs.

We also need help passing out fliers. If anyone would like to help, please email your name and mailing address to [email protected] Promoters are assigned a number and are paid on commission, $2 for every flier that comes in with your number on it. Spectators bring in the fliers because of the $2 off admission coupon. Checks are mailed within a week after the event. The program pays well if you get enough fliers out. There are successful, repeat promoters every year at every location. Here is what the flier looks like...



Please note the UPDATE!
Drifting from 9am to 11, 2:30 to 3, and after drag finals to 5

yea, i know the times suck, but cant complain when its free for a selected few!
i took this from the local forum and pasted it here...