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10-20-2007, 03:17 PM
Let's face it, not all of us in any one area know all of the others of us around us.
Sometimes we see another S/Z-Chassis driver and, whether or not the car is modified, suspect that they may be a member here. Sometimes, it is further left to inference that we have been chatting with someone we've likely seen around without knowing it.
We've all seen "spotted" threads. I have decided, much in the interest of streamlining things, to stick a thread at the top every section to allow people to question and receive an answer as to whom it was you've just seen.
Try to be as informative as you can, describing the driver and their car, including anything that make it stand out, such as wheels/paint/aero/etc... If you can snare a picture, that would be golden, but not all of us carry our cameras EVERY time we leave the house. Yes, even camera phone pictures help, and I know that not everyone has a phone with a 2MP camera like I do, so we know that some will not be that great quality.
Do not bump your request, just know that if no one answers then then no one knows.
Name SPECIFICALLY date time and location (city and state) where you saw the car/driver, this increases the chance that THAT user will see, even if they did not see you.
"Kid Zelda" is NOT to be the answer to any of the requests unless it was, in fact, Kid Zelda that you saw. Only OG members understand that joke and most of us only find it marginally funny anymore.

Have fun and enjoy.