View Full Version : wtb: nascar style spoiler

09-24-2007, 03:50 AM
like the title says i'm lookin for a nascar style spoiler. i saw one on an s13 and s14 i liked it so anyone has one or knows where to get one let me know.

09-24-2007, 04:06 AM
Why don't you just go and get a monte carlo?

Any 240sx that has "Nascar style" spoiler on it really fails.

Actually my bad.

The owners who put them on failed their car.

09-24-2007, 04:12 AM
lol i rock whateva i put on it's my style not urs

09-24-2007, 04:34 AM
That's very true it is your "style."

But just to let you know.

When your driving around in your car one day and you see a bunch of people laughing.

Yes they are laughing at you and your car.

09-24-2007, 04:42 AM
they laugh anyways but then again its not my daily

09-24-2007, 04:44 AM
something like that i can't da rest of the pics

s13 drifta
09-24-2007, 02:39 PM
I have a carbon fiber spoiler. I have pics let me know if you want it. [email protected]

09-25-2007, 02:56 AM
does anybody have pics of the above car. oh yeah here's my car


A Spec Products
09-25-2007, 03:11 AM

I think best thing is to make custom

Just get the sheet cut from whatever, FRP, CF, sheet metal

Then go to hardware/specialty bolts store and get the "risers"

Cause I don't think anyone would have one premade or ready for sale

09-25-2007, 05:11 AM
i dont think that spoiler looks all that bad. but that white car you used as an example is pretty ugly. cept for the wheels and the spoiler and the headlights

09-25-2007, 06:11 AM

09-25-2007, 06:19 AM
and i can get that wing for you if you want it

09-25-2007, 06:19 AM
yup that's the one where can i get it just found the pics also on tougefactory.com that shit is bad sorta like a wangan wing but better

09-25-2007, 06:55 AM
Yeah that does look bad ass. That car does.
It looks like its riveted onto the entire boot lid, looks sick.
Plus the car is on the pavement

09-25-2007, 08:53 AM
Grant I would be interested in one if they make them for HBs.

09-25-2007, 09:25 AM
That Rocket Bunny car is the best thing ever

09-25-2007, 03:08 PM
its nice but pricey pm yokota if u want one. i'm not baller enough to afford one yet.

A Spec Products
09-25-2007, 07:41 PM
Just make one

If it comes out bad, then all you wasted was some time and effort

Oh and some holes in the trunk, but maybe test it on holed spoilered trunk or something first

09-27-2007, 03:24 AM
i guess yall will hate my curb feelers