View Full Version : Z32 Brembo 26mm rotors...aka Maxima 99-00

09-05-2006, 05:37 PM
What do you guys think?? The dimensions seem they would work...check them out.

Brembo 280mm x 26mm Maxima Rotors


Brembo 280mm x 30mm Z32 Rotors (as reference)


09-05-2006, 06:11 PM
Unless you're getting the rotors for free and can easily try it out I wouldn't chance it. What size calipers you got - 26mm or 30mm?

09-05-2006, 06:20 PM
26mm...i'll probably just get a set of powerslots but figured i'd ask for the mathematically inclined.

09-05-2006, 11:20 PM
it looks like they would. everything except the offset of the rotor hat/hub part

09-06-2006, 09:15 AM
Do you have the schematic for a 26mm z32 rotor? That would be the only way to be certain....I just wonder if there'd be offset problems since there's nearly a 5mm discrepancy between the hub mount and the inner rotor edge.

I dunno, I guess you could always return them if they don't fit.