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09-04-2006, 03:03 PM
kinda noob question, i appologize in advance for the ignorance:

I have 1993 S13 SE.

I paid a shop to put in an SR20det + I'cooler + 5speed + coilovers.

I was purty unimpressed with the 202hp! So I scheduled some upgrades.

550cc injectors
reflashed ECU (probably a big mistake)
boost gauge
piping blah blah

when i picked it up after these upgrades, she dyno'ed 319rwhp at ~19psi. Fun ride for sure. It hit the point where it's traction limited.

I like to get to know a car leaving it at 10-15psi boost. I put a bunch miles on it at once (road trip). The next day it wouldn't even idle. I noticed that the FPR had backed out and a plugged hose coming off of the BOV had come unplugged. I replugged and tweaked FPR until the car idles.

car runs like total crap, feels like a go-kart briggs/straton motor missing, and backfiring. white smoke.

then I notice fuel dripping from flanges before and after the Cat. Oil smells like fuel. Oil level higher now than when I picked it up.

maybe the injectors are staying open, maybe the reflashed ECU is all outta whack.

I ordered a wideband O2 sensor and a fuel computer (the XFC from powertraincontrolsolutions). i ordered these as tuning tools, but I think I gots' more problems than tuning.

should I pull out the plugs and look for gas soaked plugs? Should I pull the fuel rail and see if the injectors are pulsing as they should?

^^ i just read some of those tips by searching, but I dunno know what to do first.

09-04-2006, 03:28 PM
god damn that sucks..

umm.. basically double check all the fundamentals. Make sure everything is tight and secure.. all vac lines are in place..

couldn't hurt to check your plugs..

I hate to suggest it.. but if your oil smells like fuel.. bad rings comes to mind. Especially with the smoke. Check compression.

09-04-2006, 05:27 PM

^^ pic of the blackest plug. (#-whatever, closest to the firewall) the rest aren't too bad. a little shiny and black. I put each one near ground and they do fire. i woulda guessed two not firing at all the way she's running

09-10-2006, 12:41 PM
wow, so many helpful people on this forum. thank you for all of your support and advice!!

anyway, it was an injector front seal is all.

cylinder #2's 550cc injector was pouring fuel regarless of crank angle, etc.

I thought I'd post the solution so it'd come up in someone's searches.