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09-01-2006, 09:49 PM
A little backround info about the strange mishaps that have gone on today. First off it has been downpouring here, we have recieved so much water that I have reason to believe that my car(89 sohc auto) may have taken some in either through the intake or the exhaust, after going through what seemed to be a almost miniature lake of a puddle (one way street no way to turn around) the car started acting a little funky, throttle response was low and power did not feel adequate for the amount the pedal was being pushed. After a few minutes the problem went away and everything was fine like usual. Filled up on gas and took her back out, approximately 30 minutes later the gas light comes on which is wierd cuz i had just filled it up and the gas cap is tight. I figure maybe something got wet and drove a little to get to a friends house when all hell breaks loose, car starts losing power once again and throttle response becomes mere crap, also idle has become erratic, and I do my best to get to my friends place while keeping it under 2k rpms. I get there and pop the hood and the engine is shaking very violently, seemingly as though it is running short a cylinder. Meanwhile the exhaust is letting out white smoke which leads me to believe there is a blown headgasket. I checked coolant and the reservoir after an hour to let the car cool down and the coolant level is fine not even any trace of a loss of coolant being that i topped off the reservoir recently to full. After i try to start it again and it is belting out white smoke still, not much at idle only when given a little gas, so I also check the plugs and wires and one of the wires seems out of whack and two of the spark plugs are different than the others, so i replace the plugs and wires with brand new ones, gapped to factory specs as well, and no change, checked for spark and both plugs and wires are getting spark. So as the engine is shaking i try removing one plug wire at a time and cylinders number 2 and 4 are not changing the idle at all so it is only running on cylinders 1 and 3, after i check the injectors and 2 and 4 are both dry yet 1 and 3 are both wet which makes me believe that the number 2 and 4 injectors are bad. But why would that cause white smoke? could that just be part of the problem? BTW there is water leaking around where the exhaust manifold connects to the stock downpipe and the oxygen sensor is wet as we'll, i believe it may be a combo of water stuck in the exhaust as we'll as injectors gone bad. If you any of you could help it would be much appreciated.
Btw sorry for the detailed story of my shitty friday

09-02-2006, 01:16 PM
Sounds like one or more of your injectors are stuck. Especially if two are dry.

Plus SOHC injectors are notorious for going bad and/or leaking. Replace them all if you can afford to do so and replace the o-rings. Otherwise just replace the ones that arent spraying.