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07-13-2006, 03:16 PM

That's RIGHT...a BBQ at the lake meet is finally here.

When: Aug 12th, 2006...It's a Saturday.
-If you work, take the day off.
-Got kids? Great, bring them!
This is plenty of advanced notice (a full month) so you have plenty of time to get things cleared on your schedule and make it out to this one.
TIME: Be there at 4pm sharp...
Where: Elgin B Robertson Park
Where the heck is that?!? In between Garland and Rockwall on i30...this will be the 3rd lake meet we have had here and it's always been fun.


It will basically be bring what you want cooked but a little extra for those that can't. There will be a grill there, not one of those dinky little lake grills either.

So get on this...tell your friends and their friends...make a Myspace bulletin...post on other forums...smoke signals...whatever you need to do to make this a blast for all.

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