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  1. redtop sr20det swap, crank but no start
  2. questions relating sr20 and enthalpy tuned ecu
  3. Need help... Power wire
  4. Sr20det rebuild issue
  5. Recommended turbo to achieve 750hp 2jz?
  6. Ka24de Coolant leak
  7. new wiring specialties pro harness doesn't rev passed 6k
  8. Purchasing pre-modded SR20
  9. KA24DET stock block reliability at 350-400wtq.
  10. Gas leaking from exhaust manifold and a wet spark plug
  11. 550cc injectors don't fit electrical connector?
  12. 240sx KA crank no start...NO SPARK
  13. Engine Issues
  14. z32 maf question
  15. ka-t evap bypass, no cels
  16. Freshly rebuilt sr20 help
  17. where is CTS on CA18?
  18. 1jz vvti oil pump tolerance
  19. CA18DET mounts
  20. S13 SR20DET high idle and Breaking up under load
  21. Squealing and Rubber Shavings on Alternaotr/Water pump
  22. ca18det running ridiculously rich absolutely undriveable
  23. Blowoff Valves?
  24. Exhaust Question
  25. S2 RB25 No Power under WOT, super rich, no bucking
  26. chaturbate.com
  27. Need help!!!
  28. 1992 S13 SR20DE AC compressor into S15 SR20DE
  29. Powersteering belt size no AC
  30. Any Harm in Cranking Engine Backwards?
  31. Coolant Leak I need help
  32. How to find a S14 SR CAM BOLT?
  33. It is the number. 1 fat burning supplement in US.
  34. delete..wrong post
  35. Small leak from oil feed.
  36. Sr20det Idle problems (stumped)
  37. Need Help! RB25 running on 5 cylinders
  38. Sr20det Intake manifold
  39. sr red top rebuild
  40. Sr20det
  41. sr20det high oil pressure.
  42. Barely any torque down low
  43. RB25 into s13 swap wiring question
  44. please help sr20det shotty valve job
  45. Should I worry about cooling??
  46. New Builder seeking advice
  47. RB20det, What radiator/fan set up?
  48. how do you remove alternator pulley??????
  49. DIY Hot Tanking? Anyone on here do it?
  50. RB25 No Spark or fuel
  51. SR20DET: No Start, Bad Compression, Black Spark Plugs...
  52. RedTop SR20DET with/without factory boost control solenoid
  53. Pin 34 start signal from ignition switch question
  54. sr20det avenir sparkplug wire set?
  55. #2 injector not firing!?!?
  56. Weird KA issue, please give me some ideas
  57. Ka-E Pistions in DE w/ wet N2O. Power/shot limits, safety, and reliability?
  58. ca18det wiring
  59. Relentless Performance Twin Scroll SR20 turbo manifold review
  60. NEO VVL SR16VE Head question
  61. Clutch and flywheel problems
  62. valvetrain on sr20 det.
  63. New to cars and having problems with my KA
  64. SR20DET CAS timing problem won't start
  65. What a mess!!!!!
  66. Rb25 stock injectors
  67. Ka24de-T random miss fire
  68. Still lost. car running pig rich after tune
  69. 1998 240sx tach signal not right
  70. S14 SR20DE ECU problems??
  71. Confirm this is a rb25 trans and not rb20
  72. moving a clutch master
  73. car sputters & cuts off
  74. high mileage motors and rebuilding
  75. RB20 harness diagram
  76. 300zx into sr20det injector dilema
  77. ka24de into 1990 s13
  78. RB25DET upper intake manifold question
  79. main saddle/journal oil groove machining
  80. Looking for help to diagnose my ka24e in my 240sx (video)
  81. L28 280zx turbo oil pump on ka24e question
  82. Ka24e cranks but not start. Ecu code 13
  83. SR20DET AFR jumps up 4% then back down
  84. SR20DET rebuilt head, valve job, stuck injector, wierd leakdown
  85. s13 sr20de na high idle Help
  86. Sunpro tack for s13 ka24de swapped corolla HELP
  87. SR20DET Oil pan modifications?
  88. ka24de intermittent cas problem
  89. Building a "driveable" and "stealthy" high horsepower SR20DET.
  90. Getting no boost at all really.
  91. Ka24de Misfire
  92. low vac, boost cut, etc... help please!
  93. 2015 Budget VQ Swap
  94. Compatible CAMS for my Garrett 2871.64
  95. S14 ka power steering problem
  96. Holset hx35/hx40 burning oil issues
  97. Is this the VVT oil pressure hole? S15 SR20DET
  98. What shop for RB crank collar install?
  99. Ka low oil pressure?
  100. engine break in?
  101. VE swap CAS alternate option VG30 vs 20V
  102. wideband question
  103. tps question
  104. Timing Chain Rattle! Help?
  105. Sr20det slugish and overboosting/running lean
  106. New valves in sr20det
  107. Who runs cd005 transmissions on sr20det?
  108. What hose is this called? s13 SR20DET
  109. S14 Ka24de in s13. ECU seeing 16v??
  110. sr20 won't rev over 4500 rpm.
  111. Here we go: VVTi 1uz/CD009/S14 kouki build
  112. First rebuild KA24DE machine work.
  113. external wg housing on t28, with 44mm wg, will it fit?
  114. High Comp KADE w/ SOHC pistons: General insight
  115. freshly built SR20DET, milky oil??
  116. S15 dual BB T28: oil line restricter or not? (and a water line q)
  117. 92 LT1 swapped 240sx
  118. cheep engine for 1990 240sx?
  119. KA distibutor timing.
  120. Parts availability for tomei arms 8265
  121. groups acss North Africa and the
  122. Ka24de barely starts, then dies...
  123. Sr20det s14a splutter bogging down on throttle
  124. PA: rb25det series 2 wiring help
  125. SR20 ticking / squeaky sounds
  126. Building a solid Sr
  127. Sr and KA front trans covers interchangeable?
  128. rb25det spark plugs... what do you run?
  129. 240sx rb20 help
  130. Upgrade Fuel Rail On Stock KA24DE
  131. how garbage are the CXracing sr20 intake manifolds
  132. Sr20det crankshaft help
  133. tomei throttle body vs oem n15 pulsar
  134. Wiring harness problems
  135. ACT advanced clutch technology unsprung clutch life. quality.
  136. Need tech help with my newly swapped sr20det
  137. Ka24de wouldn't rev passed 5k rpms
  138. sr20 lean (20+) cold idle reading
  139. Overheating...
  140. Skin care systems for oily skin
  141. SR20 cranks but not firing??
  142. KA straight-pipe Problems...
  143. Aem Ems Remote Tuning ?
  144. 1jz wiring to switch panel help
  145. Greddy RZ flutter
  146. Full exhaust
  147. 16G on Skyline GTS-T
  148. Ka24de low compression?
  149. S14 ka24de compression issue?
  150. Need help getting my rb20det right
  151. sr20det main stud re-torquing
  152. Issue with sr20, white smoke/ oil smell from exhaust
  153. Autometer Electric Speedo Issue
  154. Help please, 240/232 cam swap question
  155. SR20 Mechanical Timing Issues - HELP!
  156. he hopes to form a new
  157. Make a senior tech feel stupid! Sr20 related
  158. Rb20 boost problem
  159. KA24DE Hicas PS Pump on non-hicas KA
  160. KA24DE Won't rev passed 5k rpms
  161. S13 Manual Steering Rack Problems...
  162. need help white smoke
  163. S13 Blacktop sr20det swap exhaust issue
  164. Separate KA Clutch Fan From Water Pump Pulley
  165. atf stage 3 a341e trans for 2jzgte question
  166. Reinforce ka24de for higher revs
  167. 2JZGTE VVTI automatic in 240sxs14
  168. what driveshaft Is this from ?
  169. need some advice for next step sr20
  170. burning a LOT of coolant...not sure why???
  171. RB25 overheating when stopped
  172. sr20det s13 blacktop woes.
  173. ka24de no start!! biggest headache
  174. SR20 in need of serious help....
  175. SR Exhaust Manifold Suggestions
  176. AEM V2 ems ignition sync video
  177. I was able to detect a few key points
  178. RB25DET lifter tick
  179. Turbo gasket replacement
  180. Oil visible before turbo, no shaft play???
  181. SR20DET dies randomly
  182. Sr20 engine builder expert ?????
  183. Power fc issues! Injectors not firing
  184. S15 piston information
  185. ??Stock sr20det What do i get first??
  186. Sr20det Engine Build
  187. Ka help needed
  188. sr20det fuel rail
  189. and state assembly elections
  190. bad ecu, no start?
  191. petition for a ban on the hunting
  192. Running rich and hesitation
  193. finally finished (for the time being)
  194. Removing S14 sr20 upper intake manifold to replace injectors
  195. Power fc engine won't start
  196. SR20DET main stud thread size/pitch
  197. KA24DE Engine Rebuld
  198. Sr20det low compression what's next?
  199. RB25 temp creep
  200. Missing screw in throttle butterfly
  201. Ka24det Custom Intake Manifold - HELP
  202. Upper Oil Pan leak
  203. Fast Muscle Building Nutrition For You
  204. sr20det notch top troubles
  205. S13 SR20 E5 ECM w/Red,Black wire Going nowhere HELPP
  206. SR20 coolant temperature sensor BOLTS?
  207. the rescue operation
  208. Rocker arm stopper spacer
  209. Notch top sr valve ticking
  210. Tomei solid lifters, machine them down?
  211. Fender harness tuck
  212. military official as saying
  213. Sr no Idle
  214. s13 ka24de revving problems
  215. va beach safc neo tune on rb25
  216. Brazil's government also
  217. rb25det pcv system discussion
  218. KA24DE oil on piston?
  219. SR20 TPS problem!!
  220. rb25det failed pcv valve. what damage could be done? *long*
  221. Emergency aid has also
  222. S14 Sr20de swapped in S13 issues
  223. Ka24de
  224. Crossmember question
  225. KA24DE Engine Noise
  226. Electric Fan/ Radiator Sensor Help!
  227. Help! SR20 running crazy rich at idle
  228. 5 speed swap problem
  229. Kouki S14a SR with S15 Injectors & ECU
  230. RB25det built short block W/Stock head
  231. low compression in 2 cyl. need advice
  232. Redtop MAF limits
  233. Gt2871r lines
  234. SR20DET swap cranks, but no start
  235. IACV tubing questions sr20det
  236. RB25det rando shut off HELP
  237. Cam gear snapped off! WTF rb25
  238. RB25 AC Compressor and bracket on RB26 Engine (RB26 Owners with AC please chime in),
  239. ka24de pre turbo mods
  240. Hall sensor.. Help start my sr20vet
  241. S1 RB25DET Valve Stem Height
  242. Question about greddy boost controller type s
  243. Need some advice on my notchtop sr20
  244. Redtop runs like a 3 legged dog
  245. Interchangeable trans on rb25?
  246. RB25 turbo on RB20 upgrade, fuel question
  247. RB25 oil light flickers on and off
  248. 1JZ engine tear down (very pic heavy)
  249. ka-t running rich, bad/ jumping idle, dies when clutch in
  250. S2 Rb20det Leaning out badly