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  1. S13 - Apexi PFC Vacuum line question
  2. PLEASE HELP, strange problems(SR20det).
  3. Is the s13 T25 Exhaust Turbine Housing same as the s14/s15 t28?
  4. Wiring Specialties S14 pro tuck harness
  5. KA24E hard cold start, at operating temp fluctuating idle
  6. stock ka problems
  7. NEEEEED o2 sensor
  8. Wiring for an rb20det cabin harness to engine harness
  9. r32 rb26 r33 rb26
  10. My fuel pump has no power(on it's own).
  11. Sr20det replaced turbo manifold and now it only cranks
  12. To Those Running Oil Thermostats
  13. ka24de rod knock or timing chain? Video
  14. SR20DET crankcase ventilation fitting
  15. Max boost pressure for methonal injection?
  16. KA24DE cam question.
  17. rb20det engine harness to chassis wiring, need help
  18. S13 SR Swap - clutch won't disengage!
  19. HKS Adjustable Acutator W/ MBC??
  20. S13 blacktop idle issues and rough low Rpms
  21. Supercharged Ka24de, q45, cams, idles 1600?
  22. Xcessive JZ mounts
  23. 1JZGTE problems
  24. In need of help with my SR
  25. Help me, ka24de issue, timing off???
  26. SR20 Head Tick
  27. Power fc - Fc Edit datalogit
  28. O2 low voltage ka24det
  29. SR20DET Oem Wire Harness Questions (or RX7)
  30. lsx s14 question
  31. ka valve cover helicoil help..
  32. racing oil -read before you flame!
  33. KA24det obd1 tuning
  34. Choosing injector type
  35. Need help with stalling !!!
  36. Upgrading t25 turbo sr20
  37. Block off your manifold's egr tube for 2 cents
  38. rb25 rear trans seal.... not = 300zx?!?
  39. Wants to stall when cold, idles fine when warm
  40. Ka24e recurring idle drop
  41. i need your help please
  42. Maf sensor help!
  43. Does RB25 PowerFC Series matter?
  44. Hairline camshaft fracture. Quick question
  45. SR20DET VTC piston part number
  46. SR20 Red Top, best oil / preference? Any filter relocation kits?
  47. Rb25 neo help!!!!!
  48. SR Blacktop Idle Troubleshooting
  49. Do I have a red or black top? Need o2
  50. cam position sensor code
  51. ka24de
  52. Let's play, Why the hell won't my SR20DET hold idle.
  53. Ca18 help
  54. When do you know your cam is bad....
  55. *help* overheating issues
  56. mild built head and stock bottom end 400hp
  57. Need help with intake manifold coolant line
  58. Rb20det silver top idleing rough at cold and hard to start
  59. S13 KA-T Problems :( HELP PLEASE
  60. SR20 stall when braking/turning + dropping throttle
  61. Oil feed line leak
  62. buying a Ca18det
  63. SR20 runs lean at idle only.
  64. ka24de rich rough and stinky
  65. S13 Sr20det wont turn over.
  66. Anywhere I can buy just the oil pump gears for an SR?
  67. Bad alternator?
  68. SR20DET, AFR's not changing while in boost.
  69. Ka24de start up help
  70. Vh45
  71. No dummy lights, and engine takes a long time to start
  72. Eng Cont. Fuse Blowing/No power to Injectors Sr20det
  73. RB tune
  74. HKS actuator WITH manual boost controller?
  75. Sr20 injectors stuck open
  76. 1990 240sx s13 starting problem!
  77. ac delete now car wont start
  78. TPS woes S.A.D.B.O.Y.Z
  79. What hose to Rb25 waste gate?
  80. KA24E running off help?
  81. KA24DE Coil wiring question
  82. Ka24de no spark or fuel
  83. looping heater core hoses
  84. Question about A/C and heater stuff
  85. Sr20det rough idle after new turbo.
  86. rb20 getting boost and bov
  87. Blown Apexi head gasket?
  88. RB25 IAC Voltage Problem/AC Idle Up
  89. not another no spark sr please help ive tried everything and need to get back home
  90. Another s14 Sr20 rattle noise, Please help!
  91. Minor Idle/boost problems
  92. HELP!! In serious need of true knowledge!!
  93. Switching to SS lines, what do I need?
  94. What's a safe boost
  95. Fueltech ems.......does any have any experience with one?
  96. NOOB: Redtop(62) to blacktop Power FC
  97. 1990 240sx Engine Problem?
  98. #62 ecu troubleshooting bad ecu??
  99. 2jzge nat
  100. Power FC Communication Error
  101. No power to Fuel pump and ENG CONT fuse
  102. installed n62 maf, idle rough unless i use 6in 2out
  103. Z32 cable brackets
  104. Experienced RB advice welcome
  105. Replace timing chain on an automatic?
  106. My sr20 sounds like a Subaru???
  107. s14 sr running hot, idling fine
  108. Stock rb25 just bolt on parts 480 hp
  109. ECU Identification. NISTUNE?
  110. 91 Ka24de exhaust
  111. idle problems power fc d jetro
  112. I built a KA24DE!!!!! Cam timing? Whats that??!! *Discussion Thread*
  113. E85 SR20 weird misfire wall
  114. whats better on a rb20 turbo wise?
  115. S15 running lean
  116. ka24e
  117. Sr20det won't start without starting fluid
  118. electric water pump
  119. fuel pump question
  120. S13 Blacktop SR bogs and dies under load
  121. KA24DE Engine Build HELP
  122. Stupid sr20det timing question
  123. KA24de Rattle
  124. How much/where to buy vac line for VG30E?
  125. Vq35de s13 swap question
  126. Odd dying on initial start
  127. Ka starts perfectly fine when cold, but won't start when hot?
  128. Garrett turbo identification
  129. KA24DE ARP Head Studs. Some information would be nice.
  130. sr20 no start cas help
  131. rebuilding engine. Need opinions about nick in crankshaft
  132. Stripped threads on head. Please help!
  133. Need help! sr20det wont spark
  134. Two leaks?! Help!!
  135. Ka24der build?
  136. godspeed turbo wrong fitment
  137. Help Me S14
  138. need help ka24de idle and shake
  139. RB25 Power FC Tuning HELP!!!
  140. s14 sr20 maf fitting on a s13 sr
  141. cylinder head write up????
  142. My rb25det neo goes into limp mode when it warms up
  143. Question about O2 sensor pigtail wiring
  144. Leaking head gasket?
  145. newbie to boosted 4 cil building a ka 24
  146. ka24DE to ka24E swap
  147. sr20 using ka radiator and hoses
  148. S15 afc neo issue
  149. New ssqv barely releasing
  150. CCS Turbo Manifold?
  151. SR20DET tuning
  152. PLEASE HELP!!! FIRST gear chugging, cant drive past 1500rpms other gears fine!
  153. all power is gone after i upgrade from rb20 turbo
  154. And it has a Finned Red Top SR20det
  155. ISIS top mount turbo manifold on SR20DET, turbo outlet?
  156. Question About a EGR delete on a 97 s14 KA24
  157. Need some Help SR Running Lean
  158. SR20DET Loss of power/hesitation/misfire
  159. s13 ka24de problem
  160. Cp piston rings?
  161. Need some insight, S14 isn't starting
  162. Power steering cooler/R.B.
  163. solid lifter conversion
  164. Center console buzz sand fuel lines pulse
  165. ticking noise..
  166. rb25det hot start issue
  167. New project
  168. RB25 AEM Series 2 Power Issue
  169. Ka24de torque plate
  170. S14 2jz swap TDF mounts question
  171. SR20 major damage on block and head surface? What's the cause?
  172. 3k 1uzfe swap budget
  173. S14 (Ka24de) FULL EGR DELETE
  174. in need of assistance! Ka24de flooding issue
  175. all compatible 2jz parts
  176. Aem ems-4 vss wiring
  177. S13 KA24DE-T Vacuum booster Question
  178. Corroded coolant passages
  179. In need of Wiring Help, Coilpacks not getting power!
  180. RB25DET Series 1 won't run without greddy emanage!
  181. HELP!! Ka24e swappable injectors?
  182. Intake ports. Too polished?
  183. Need some dimensions VG trans and Mazworx trans braket
  184. KA-T Turbo coolant feed and return
  185. Ka cam swap to increase low to mid range
  186. SR20 High Idle After Rebuild?
  187. compressor housing fitment
  188. SR boosting only 4psi?
  189. no fuel in fresh sr
  190. Ka24e Timing chain help
  191. ka24de fuel issue?
  192. Sr20det dumping oil out dipstick
  193. FiveO injectors.
  194. S13 sr20 wiring harness
  195. SR going lean under heavy throttle/WOT
  196. 240/232 ka cam swap
  197. ka24de throwing anti freeze out from water pump
  198. Am I running my turbo SS lines right?
  199. In dire need of help!!!!
  200. s13 sr20 Hesitation with load/no load
  201. sr20 coils switched 12v power
  202. redtop with power fc d-jetro has horrible accelertion
  203. zaklee rb25det cam cover!!
  204. KA24DE Oil Burn Diagnosis
  205. pls help ka24e oil soaking #3 plug on startup
  206. SR20det Stripped Block Threads for Headbolts
  207. Sr20 won't rev past 6000 rpm under load
  208. Stage 2 crower cams KA-T
  209. KA24E Running rich
  210. Rebuilding rb25 trans?
  211. Part Number Question
  212. Tachometer not working in cluster.
  213. Help diagnosing engine noise (rod knock/valve train)
  214. Blown head gasket?????? Need help
  215. Need help asap..
  216. FL75a Alternator fuse
  217. Headers leaking possibly fuel ?
  218. chipped ring land
  219. Taking it back a few years, RB20 rich idle, lean under load, not driveable.
  220. What is the part number of a s14 n/a Knock sensor and its cable ?
  221. Ka24de Overheating
  222. Dyno Comparison: T25 V. S15 T28 V. T2871R
  223. sr20 tps issues
  225. rb25 first startup and run.... issues
  226. Smoke coming from Exhaust,Valve Stem seals? (SR20DET)
  227. Sr20de rwd s14
  228. KA24DE Idle Adjustment Screw Missing/Fell Out
  229. Rb25det build questions
  230. Scratch marks near my timing chain tensioner???
  231. The search for the perfect wideband
  232. '90 s13 240sx
  233. sr20det blacktop sputter *clarification*
  234. CA18det
  235. fresh rebuild, being paranoid
  236. Stock ka24 into bad a$$ ka24det
  237. o2 spiking, need advice
  238. High CO and HC
  239. Type x SR20det question
  240. S15 SR20DET possessed Compression #'s & cause
  241. RPM Issues.
  242. Sputtering problems!!!!!
  243. Alright, I am stumped.
  244. RB25 Crank Collar Completely Necessary?
  245. timing chain gaskets ??
  246. can a RB S1 converted to S2 harness and ECU (non S chassis related)
  247. RB25 into S14 Mount question
  248. Cooling issue please help :(
  249. Ka24de idle screw throttle platr adjustment
  250. Rb Tune