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  1. s13 sr20det blacktop will not warm start
  2. Fuel pump fuse keeps blowing!
  3. sr20det timing question
  4. Vacuume line help
  5. fuse question about swaping
  6. ka24de cans question
  7. Sr20det twin scroll manifold options and feedback
  8. SR20DET, high idle, sometimes misfires
  9. hydrolock due to fuel wtf!!!!
  10. Sr20 s14 fuel rail inlet barb
  11. S13 rb25 with Syko mounts issue with down pipe angle
  12. RB25DET weird idle/stalling issue. Please help!!
  13. Debating Cams: Input?
  14. sr20det red top nothing but problems.
  15. Help Needed! Oil feed issue??
  16. power steering issue please help
  17. s14 stock map tune
  18. RB25 s14 very slow...please help
  19. Another failed smog thread...HC and NOx
  20. Fresh SR20DET Swap, Tech questions
  21. KA24DE Idle and stumble issues!
  22. Rb25det neo boost question
  23. 1jz crank no start help please...
  24. KA24ET Q45 Throttle Body Question
  25. Need help with sr20det pistons ... Please
  26. RB25det Idle dropped amd stalling
  27. s14 sr with built head, 11:1 or 9:1 comp?
  28. Ka24e cuts out at 3500 RPM in 4th &5th gear
  29. is there tips on cleaning head studs thread in block
  30. yet another ka24de clutch problem
  31. knock sensor
  32. S14 check engine light on/off reading no codes?
  33. Top Feed Injector Setup
  34. CA18DET Problem revving
  35. Leaks everywhere...
  36. Smog - High Hydrocarbons
  37. Z32 N/A starts than turns off.
  38. Fake Greddy Throttle Cable Bracket
  39. CA SR swap wiring question? with pics
  40. hunting idle sr20det
  41. redtop sr20det running lean all the time HELP!!
  42. S14 KA24DE Rattling Noise, not Knock
  43. EGR issues
  44. SR20DET Redtop overheating when driving more than 20 miles on highway
  45. S14 raw fuel in exhaust
  46. stalling question (apexi neo)
  47. GT2860RS Wastegate Fitment
  48. 96 240sx with 95 ka equals car being a dick
  49. is this a sr20 downpipe?
  50. RB20 issues Galore!!
  51. KA24e timing sprocket question
  52. s14 ka maf issues
  53. 1jz crazy high fuel pressure, bad FPR?
  54. Sr20det running super rich please help
  55. Catch can set up
  56. Ka24de rattle!! Not upper guide
  57. vh45de/1uzfe AC and heat?
  58. s13 ka24de internal engine bolts???
  59. ka24DE intake manifold install
  60. 1jzgte S14 need help with sensor plug identification. HELP!
  61. Converting an RB to triple carb set up
  62. Rb25det neo touble
  63. n15 tb and tps question
  64. Quick KA emmisions question
  65. ka-t going full Lean
  66. sr20 doesn't feel at full power
  67. Weather Dependent Issues
  68. sr20det turbo elbow??
  69. Rb25det s14 pulley alignment
  70. sr20 set up runs so so...reset fuel pressure?
  71. cant find interchangeable skinny o2 sensor
  72. Annoying piston oil rings
  73. F20C in a 240?
  74. VQ35 Throttle Issues
  75. Sr20 maf question
  76. Oil Feed/Drain - GT3071r - RB25
  77. single cam ka low compression problem
  78. Rb20 tps help!
  79. Bad turbo?
  80. RWD SR20 advice/opinions wanted: VVL head stuck to stock bottom end
  81. Rb20det low compression no fuel
  82. RB26 S14 cutting out under acceleration?
  83. SAFC Troubles. FML.
  84. need sug on the thinnest radiator fans
  85. q45 front calipers identical?
  86. Power to car but no crank
  87. Oil pan: Tomei vs. Greddy?
  88. Safe Daily Driver s14
  89. KA mass airflow sensor
  90. Sr20det problem help
  91. noob oil lines question
  92. boost falling off at high rpm (internal gate t28)
  93. lost in wiring lol!!! car has no power now!
  94. KA vs SR- with a twist
  95. I Need Help ASAP! sr20det bogging!
  96. charcoal canister top part broke
  97. killing me to find out
  98. 98 S14 RPM gauge not working properly, spiking & sometimes not responding
  99. Engine harness Question
  100. what do you think happened? sr20det torn down
  101. S13 standalone harness
  102. Someone please help!!!!
  103. Sr20 good for class 7 baja?
  104. Hi guys i new here Needs help with my e-manage setting
  105. Injector Identification
  106. KA24DE Heat Issue.
  107. RB25 with RB20 head? - Please help!
  108. Noob, Viper alarm issues
  109. 2JZ-GTE not starting, No spark
  110. 91' 240sx No turn over
  111. High RPM hesitation
  112. ka24det wont pass emissions
  113. s13 KA No ECU power
  114. leaking coolant
  115. Noob question: What would cause this hose to blow? 91 S13
  116. TOMEI PON CAMS, APEXI PFC, T25 13psi boost
  117. been working on my swap
  118. Maf help DE and DET
  119. Need some info real quick like please :) 'zenki/kouki f3 plug'
  120. T25 on KA-T making noise and not reaching full boost! Help!
  121. Turbo Death Whine or Boost Leak?
  122. what transmission is this? 1jz*
  123. SR20 pilot bearing question
  124. i need help with ka24de
  125. unknown ka/sr miscellaneous cover
  126. Idle Relearn on sr20det
  127. HELP PLEASE Red top SR **fresh rebuild** oil on number 2 spark plug
  128. z33 trans behind rb25 (Yes i know what you all are going to say)
  129. Two "1" piston rods?
  130. Ring break-in. Grey smoke from the exhaust. Normal?
  131. rb20det running issues
  132. help? my car sounds like a v8 and its bonestock?
  133. sr20det wiring questions!!!! z32 maf help too!
  134. sr20 turbo comes loose
  135. HELP PLEASE z32 upgrade...
  136. need red top sr20 intake cam sprocket bolt size??
  137. Need advice-help ca18det
  138. Engine swap, now car won't start?
  139. 1JZ Setup Opinions
  140. SR20 Fan Clutch Alternative?
  141. KA-t no injector pulse
  142. Another KA with a bad idle! Video included
  143. Will an s14 KA alternator plug work on my s14 SR alternator?
  144. Noobie rebuilb
  145. KA24DE Tranny Grinds Only When Car is Driven for A While. New Clutch.
  146. fuel pump issue
  147. SR20 slow speedometer or sensor??
  148. HALP! SR no start. Totally lost. Paypal incentive inside.
  149. Help Me Get My RB26 Running
  150. n62 help! confused? :?/
  151. Help!! No oil coming out
  152. SR20DET internals weaker link: stock rods or pistons?
  153. sr20 fresh swap and rebuild running lean
  154. ka24e with trans for sale
  155. KA24E Rocker Replacement
  156. Sr20det no fuel pressure after fpr
  157. Boost leak?
  158. Best kit to turbo charge KA24DE?
  159. SR with no compression after head gasket change?
  160. helicoil/helicoil+JB/JB/threadsert/JB+threadsert?
  161. Redtop SR Knock :(
  162. HELP! RB20DET in S14 w/ Brand new Wiring Specialities Harness Issues
  163. SR20 Fresh rebuild, delayed throttle, rough idle
  164. SR20det stumbles when wet
  165. thinking new setup....Thoughts?
  166. sr20det sputtering after driving for awhile
  167. injector question!!!
  168. ka24e alternator problem
  169. ka24de
  170. Another RB25 misfire issue
  171. Need help with my LS swap!
  172. Rb20 starts-ish, sputters, pops and dies
  173. Ka24de rebuild kits
  174. 1jz/2jz swap guys, cruise afr's?
  175. Ka24det question
  176. need help blue smoke
  177. Intec tune question
  178. Cylinder 1 low compression
  179. SR20DET Misfiring, Running Rich, Poor Boost
  180. Need help asap!! car is misfiring and drift event in 2 days!!!
  181. Need help, gutless ka24de
  182. SR20 Cooling..surge tank
  183. SR20DET Cooling..surge tank
  184. bc valves
  185. 28543 Need good SR to test mine for bad parts
  186. o2 sensor redtop plug?
  187. Newly Built Ka24de: Mystery Smoke
  188. Routing my vacuum lines help!
  189. Please help:SR20 Intake Stud
  190. Tuning an s13
  191. wideband said engine is running super lean
  192. aem fic no maf tune
  193. Intake Manifold Coolant Bypass (KA)
  194. 1jz vs vvti
  195. Sr20DE valves in DET?
  196. Plugs/gap (higher hp)
  197. Trouble With Ignition Timing On S14 SR
  198. RB26 ECU work on a rb25?
  199. New rods for SR20 build, 625+ needed?
  200. S13 SR20DET with G20 SR20DE roller rockers and lifters?
  201. s14 Sr20det coolant line help
  202. 2 blown rear seals in a row. KA Inside.
  203. Got a question about my FMIC's cold pipe
  204. sr20det flex fuel?
  205. Hey guys SR20DET Help
  206. sr20det s13 red top HELP!!
  207. 92' 240sx Bogging out and wont start
  208. S13 Circuit Sport Fuel Rail on a Greddy IM
  209. Coolant hoses
  210. SR20DET idle woes
  211. KA20DE-T Brake Master Cylinder
  212. Rb25, Heat just builds and builds, what a suprise!
  213. first start up oil pressure on built S14sr22
  214. Sr code 11
  215. S13 SR20DET Clunking noise
  216. Random KA question
  217. Bought an sr20det for $200! A few questions.
  218. can anyone help diagnose this noise coming from the valvetrain?? video
  219. Need help Brainstorming can't pass smog
  220. Car keeps flooding, pump fuse is retarded.
  221. Disco potato on stock redtop?
  222. RB20 swap won't rev above idle?
  223. 2jzgte fidanza flywheel for 2jzgte with r154.
  224. SR20DET-All Boost but no Play
  225. Stock KA '95 S14
  226. Overkill for 350hp?
  227. re torquing head studs
  228. Exhaust smoke only at idle?
  229. Show me Your Ti Exhausts!
  230. can u tell me what these lines are
  231. Sr20det acceleration problem at 3000rpm and 4000rpm
  232. Pros and Cons 2JZ and RB series
  233. Ka24de hard starting issue
  234. Ka Help Needed!!
  235. Ka-t with Q45 TB
  236. ka24de Cams and injector upgrades?
  237. Jzx110 vvti 1jz
  238. RPS13 sr20det build questions.
  239. Another SR idle surge issue
  240. Rough Idle/Bogging under 4k
  241. KA24DE - Different versions?
  242. Tapping the turbo housing Q
  243. SR20 Coolant.
  244. SR20 vs VQ35 HR
  245. Preventing headaches!
  246. built rb25 neo oil control problem
  247. VH45DE swap
  248. S13 SR redtop into 1994 dohc wiring harness question
  249. Turbosmart MBC won't hold steady boost! Normal??
  250. ca18det wont rev and running lean, please help, det noob