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  1. Can you wire Isis fans as pushers
  2. Transmission Sensor Leak
  3. SR20DET No Start Code 11
  4. Resurfacing flywheel (SR20DE) na-t
  5. Hicas help!
  6. Weird issue 95' KA24DE
  7. what kind of oil you guys using?
  8. Helpp rb25det
  9. Anyone know this RB25 Flywheel? RB25
  10. Proportioning valve comparability
  11. PBM Oil Filter Relocation Kit on SR20 Hitting Allen Screws on Oil Housing
  12. s14 sr20DET rebuild questions.
  13. Weird problem... help?
  14. Sr20det running rich, tried everything
  15. Ka24e help!
  16. Oh God, what did I just find in my oil pickup?!
  17. sr20det notchtop s15 weird spark plug issue or maf??
  18. Ka24e exhaust manifold Q
  19. Pavels racing engines.. any reviews?
  20. Leaking Coolant
  21. some wire/ground issues after sr20det redtop swap
  22. SR20 swap, no low throttle
  23. Bogging during boost Sr20det after 0psi runs like crap!
  24. S13 Fuel Pump
  25. S14 won't start
  26. rb25det falls on face around 3500rpms
  27. T25 Turbine Housing Bolt Frozen
  28. rb20det turbo blown??
  29. Any possible way to mate r32 rb20det drivetrain to ka motor?
  30. KA24DE not starting
  31. sr20det jumped backwords and wont start
  32. Low oil pressure, ruh roh.
  33. 97 s14 keeps blowing EGI FUSE
  34. Hks clutch questions
  35. KA24DE randomly stalling after pushing clutch in
  36. SR20det not getting power
  37. Turbo oil drain line touching dilema
  38. rb20det high idle & dies after rev
  39. s14 sr funny idle and high AFR
  40. what is this called and what is it's purose?
  41. SR20DET Popping in Neutral when Revved
  42. Greddy intercooler
  43. RB25 hard start/idle surge
  44. Sr20det rebuild questions
  45. Limp mode help!
  46. EGI relay problems, no ignition power to ecu sr20det
  47. Rb20det
  48. SR20det Oil issue
  49. CA18DET loss of power
  50. HKS wastegate actuator questions...
  51. RB25 S13 no spark issue
  52. Whooping turbo.
  53. Rb25 s2 running very rich an no power
  54. Apexi NEO Help, Car Stalls at abrupt stop
  55. KA24E hesistation on start up, Temperature sensor?
  56. rb25det neo in s14 wiring specialties harness no spark
  57. s13 camshaft angle sensor issues
  58. s13 sr makes boost, wont accelerate. searched
  59. Power FC D-Jetro Installation
  60. RB25 clutch problems/HELP!
  61. Will a gt3071r internal WG .84AR fit an sr20 bottom mount with the AC compressor?
  62. SR20 Exhaust Leak Boost Issue?
  63. Sr cams
  64. Rattle after installing belt on KA
  65. Damaged timing chain tensioner
  66. SR20det sputtering at idle. Lagging at boost / choking when past 0psi
  67. no oil pressure to cams, but oil pressure to head
  68. starts rough and dies shortly after ka24de
  69. Has anyone used the new CX racing sr20 topmount?
  70. S13 with s14sr20det (need help with vac lines an bov vac)
  71. Another engine mount thread
  72. SR20 cuts out.... need some advice!
  73. question about id1000's on a ka-t
  74. sr20 idle surge and bucking on light throttle
  75. Identify your ecu chart
  76. best turbo company?
  77. Sr20det afm problems! Help
  78. sr20 tps through kragen/autozone?
  79. RB25 o2 Sensor Simulate with LM-1 Wideband
  80. What is this?
  81. starter problems
  82. OBX RB25DET Turbo Elbow fitment
  83. rb ignitor wiring confusion
  84. ka24de question
  85. How hot is overheating? KA24DE
  86. sr20det transmission option
  87. Swirl Control Valves KA24DE
  88. Rb wiring issues argh!
  89. weir noises now car wont start at all :s
  90. Anything I'm missing? RB20 Swap into S13.
  91. Piston choice?
  92. Running rich cause fouled plugs?
  93. SR20 FWD into RWD
  94. SR20DET trouble starting, need tips!
  95. sr20det 272 cam problem?
  96. RB Speed signal
  97. s13 Ka24de head same as truck?
  98. RWD SR20VET conversion: What is required?
  99. Name these injectors...
  100. Please help identify where these go.
  101. Another compound turbo RB25
  102. vac. pressure good sometimes???
  103. RB20DET guru's HELP
  104. rb20 wont start but lights work???
  105. sr questions, and laundry list
  106. RB26 safc in/out settings
  107. Turbo oil leak
  108. S14 suddenly stopped (won't start)
  109. 96 s14 ka24de no spark??
  110. Chevy Gen V Small-block (End of the LS series)
  111. Anyone try these gaskets?
  112. SR20det Redtop no compression in 3 cylinders
  113. SR No Start/ Code 11 CAS
  114. Need Help KA24E limp mode
  115. So you think you know engines eh?....
  116. Saturn Arp head studs for ka24?
  117. 3.5 bar MAP Sensor. Wideband/AEM EMS
  118. Ka24e running rich and idling high
  119. HKS .vs. GReddy | Top Feed Fuel Rails
  120. JGS motor mounts
  121. Fuel in the PCV line
  122. RB20 leaking coolant from transmission
  123. S14 Sr20 guys help with a hose configuration question!
  124. Tilt SR20 to water level mount
  125. intake manifold gasket
  126. How you can Obtain Very affordable Level Wallets
  127. Timing marks jumping around ka24e
  128. KA24DE -T rebuild questions
  129. Noob Question
  130. hand turned crank over to tdc, no start.
  131. ca18det swap, no spark just cranks
  132. precision sc44 t3/t4 turbo smoke issue?
  133. Ka24e high idle need help!
  134. red top sr20 striped head bolts
  135. KA24DE PROBLEMS HELP! Misfiring etc
  136. rb20 wont start was running.
  137. Sr20det boost question
  138. So I have been reassembling a built motor with the driftspeed video
  139. air regulator high idle
  140. Ka24e won't srart.
  141. sr20 upper oil pan removal?
  142. Coolant shoots out under heavy throttle
  143. Reveresed fuel flow Questions
  144. lightweight flywheel problem
  145. Timing Fluctuation please help
  146. RB25 Coil melted?
  147. GReddy/FReddy intake installation (S13)
  148. compression too high after overhaul???
  149. Several RB20 Problems
  150. TOP speed.
  151. RB25det in limp mode please help!
  152. 95 240sx ka24de fuel issue
  153. RB25 w/ PFC Hunting Idle
  154. sr20ve with itb's????
  155. Like Butter...nevermind
  156. Ticking noise on idle?
  157. sr20det compression question
  158. ka single cam worth building up?
  159. Some quick help about an s14 sr20det coolant temp sensor wiring
  160. Power Steering Banjo issues
  161. S15 trans in s13
  162. sr20det blacktop into s13 starting problems
  163. Idle problems sr20 redtop
  164. ** Calling all the SR20DET experts...need help**
  165. SR20DET NOTCHBACK Idle Problem
  166. Rom tunes and big turbos..
  167. Fair quote?
  168. Z problem
  169. Rod knock?
  170. Rb20det Not starting After Swap
  171. SR20det spark plug buzz / coilpack and more questions. Tune up help!
  172. help 89 240sx sr20 wont start but cranks.
  173. SR20 cutting out at boost - help
  174. Sr20 another no spark...
  175. 90 SOHC KA24E piston slap
  176. S-AFC safe/reliable on a S14 Zenki SR all stock other then Z32 maf?
  177. Sr20det noob question
  178. RB25DET 30r boost cut problems
  179. How to get an extra Vacuum/boost source from Intake manifold
  180. KA24E Engine and electricity turning on and off
  181. SR20 Exhaust Leak No Boost
  182. ca18det tuning
  183. Wiring
  184. ae86 sr20 planning
  185. Ka24de-t build questions..
  186. ka24de swapped bmw, no power to coil. help!
  187. Engine runs rich
  188. SR20DET + Megasquirt 3
  189. New turbo shopping...
  190. 1st time start for a built motor HOWEVER has a loud sound. Need some advice!
  191. KA24DE-T BOV problems
  192. KA24E starts sometimes
  193. Sr20 noob
  194. Where to buy a KA24DE?
  195. S13 blacktop sr20 flooding help.
  196. High Compression KA Question
  197. Ka24de-t ignition upgrade questions
  198. Internals on HIGH millaged KA24DE..........T
  199. Rb30det
  200. SR20 spark plugs
  201. idle smooths out after warming up ka24de
  202. tach help
  203. RB25 s1- s13 starting issue
  204. running hot
  205. YAY another idle problem ka24de PLEASE HELP
  206. Rb25det oil catch can / venting quesiton
  207. lt1 motor in 89 240sx
  208. starting issues s14
  209. clutch slippage....
  210. HELP! Sr20det white smoke from exhaust, not overheating, oil looks fine...?
  211. Vac line Q....
  212. Sr20det Terrible Idle.
  213. SR20 cam removal
  214. the s13 smog battle.
  215. Transmission problem
  216. (Sr20) Gauge Chat Thread
  217. Need some help asap sr20det notchback into s13
  218. SR20det z32 MAFS issue bad connection
  219. ka24e belt and idle
  220. KA24E fuel in valve cover
  221. Ka24de Kelford Turbo Cam vs. PDM STAGE 2 TURBO CAM
  222. Just bought a 92 S13 with redtop sr20det, and it smokes
  223. what is the crankcase ventilation supposed to look like for sr20det?
  224. Ka24de Swap
  225. oil breather hose/PCV on S13
  226. CA18DET - fully built, was running, now it's not
  227. VQ Swap
  228. bee*r rev limiter ..does any one on here know how to hook these up
  229. Ka24de No tensioner?
  230. rb25 has no power
  231. sr20 blacktop idling small pop/backfire
  232. remove a belt, find whistling.
  233. SR20det idle nightmare
  234. Miss-fire after increasing the boost. Solution?
  235. SR20DET whistle noise and stalls when clutch depressed
  236. Launch control switch wiring... enthalpy
  237. KA24E idle issue. YES IVE SEARCHED
  238. s13 to s14 alternator?
  239. rb26 exhaust manifold on rb25?
  240. DIF Turbo Line install questions
  241. random no start/bog issue? S13 KA24E
  242. Red top vs silver top rb20 wiring difference?
  243. Im freaking stumped
  244. Help... KA24DE Overheating
  245. WH1C rb20det?
  246. Headlights won't go down.....
  247. Looking at buying an rb20 s13 that's running rich
  248. RB20 Spark Plug Boot
  249. electric fuel pump restrictor
  250. Cutting out under boost after i cleaned n60 mafs