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  1. S13 redtop misfire
  2. sr20det sputtering not running right and idles like a v8
  3. KA24de tranny help.
  4. rb25 greddy intake manifold piping question
  5. SR20DET throttle cable issue
  6. s14 sr20det bouncing idle
  7. ka24de low psi in cylinders
  8. S13 240sx Idle Problem w/ Video
  9. .48 a/r 3076r, does anyone have experience?
  10. need help with FAL fans
  11. Found A Surprise Turbo Today
  12. KA-T turbo size suggestion question
  13. Tranny/clutch???
  14. Precision turbo noise, what the fuck.
  15. Turbo Advice Little Bit Of Oil In turbo Pipe.
  16. Sr camshaft snapped after rebuild
  17. sr turbo oil feed too close to manifold?
  18. Timing help!
  19. Mixing clutches and pressure plates..help
  20. Is this bad? help me out.
  21. KA24 Timing/High Idle
  22. How do these bearings look?
  23. SR20 Cooling Issues...HELP!
  24. Need Opinions on this RB26 oil pump
  25. SR20DET help!
  26. rb25 help!!!!!
  27. sr20det transmission
  28. S14 sr20 vacuum issues
  29. Need help indentifying turbo...Also will it work.
  30. S14 PowerFC D-Jetro Cold Start Issues...
  31. s14 sr20det backfires
  32. T28 Single on a v8
  33. Help! I need a stock D-Jetro PowerFC maps for an S14!
  34. S14 tachometer problems after sr20 swap
  35. SR20 Crankshaft
  36. S14 SR into 1996 S14 Problems
  37. SR20 ticking noise (video included)
  38. sr20det engine sputters, turns off, and leaking oil slowly
  39. Rocker arm/Shim mis-match Question
  40. Sr20det +1mm valves help???
  41. Tomei Arms M8270 on KA24DE-T?
  42. Sr20 running lean at idle and under load
  43. LS1 Swap Questions
  44. built rb25det in s14 first start up need some help
  45. Did i get the right turbo? Turbine a/r question
  46. can you name this problem? rb25 cuts power. (ive tried and changed many things)
  47. My SR20 Build
  48. how do i remove egr pipe from the valve?
  49. Timing issue
  50. KA-T hesitation issue
  51. sr20 low vacuum issues
  52. RB25 starting issue! No spark!
  53. Gt3071r with .60 ar compressor housing Performance
  54. sr redtop coolant question
  55. KA24e no spark
  56. ka24de hesitation 1800-2100rpm
  57. SR20det opinions on running a 9:1 compression for up to 500 whp?
  58. RB20 blowing main fuses, need help
  59. Setting cas timing
  60. VG30DETT or KA24E
  61. Can an external 38mm gate hold 10PSI on a GT2871r?
  62. S13 ka help!
  63. Turbo shaft play too much? Video included
  64. Sr20det blacktop S13 running lean.
  65. What swap is right for me?
  66. CA18DET Ignition and Fuel Maps
  67. Themperture gauge problems
  68. Oversize forged pistons for ka24de?
  69. s13 sr reading hot
  70. vacuum leak - bad idle/stalling
  71. 92 KA Problem
  72. S14 RB26 perfect exhaust sound
  73. wiring question please help
  74. FPR help
  75. Workshop manual for 1996 model 180sx sr20det blacktop
  76. s14 ka-t has power but injectors wont pulse?
  77. KA24DE bouncing and high idle
  78. single cam ka trouble starting
  79. 4th to 3rd over rev, Weird engine sound. Need help!!!!
  80. help plz. s13 o2 sensor question
  81. Bought a built sr20 and there are scratches on the wall!! PRO ADVICE NEEDED
  82. LS2 coil wires please help
  83. CA18DET Calibration File from AEM
  84. RWD SR20VE musings
  85. cracked coolant line got a question plz help...
  86. s13 sr20det weird problem
  87. Need some SR20 Advice
  88. idling timing problem RB25 need help please
  89. Trouble changing oil pan gasket (KA24e) 90 hatch
  90. SR20DET SR20DE SR20 Shim & Guide Tool
  91. sr20det starting problem
  92. ka24e with loose dizzy
  93. 240 having trouble running please help PLEASEEEEEE!!!!
  94. My first s13! Need to get it running, having harness issues
  95. SR running issues. got me dumbfounded
  96. injector for Sr20det S14 direct fit ?
  97. turbo noise?
  98. Turbo "tapped" KA?
  99. Need to hold accelerator to start KA24DE
  100. single cam smog test.
  101. Check Engine Light Temp Sensor
  102. KA24de Harness
  103. Redtop running rich on WOT and lean on idle
  104. Installed new TPS, now have high idle.
  105. Help hks super afr install.!!!
  106. what happened to this turbo...
  107. Rebuilt sr will not rev past 2500
  108. Boost controller
  109. Rb26 cracked head ? Can i fix this
  110. rb20 running problems
  111. Screws to FPR.
  112. rebuild ka24de-t (wont start heres some numbers)
  113. Is a VE head conversion on a sr20det overkill for 350-400hp ?
  114. S14 power fc on stock settings
  115. Vq35 s14 coolant temp reading hot
  116. vg30et built for boost?
  117. SR wont crank
  118. Sr20 throttle position sensor adjustment help needed
  119. new turbo injector ect swap
  120. Rb20det wont start. Right place for a ground? Rb20det
  121. No spark Unknown year S13 KA24DE- HALP ME
  122. Overheating? Issue SR20 S13 motor s13 chassis
  123. KA24DE-T Blown Up : T25 @ 8LBS
  124. Puttering SR20 and rough cold start
  125. Radiator and Intercooler air flow setup questions
  126. SR20DET ISSUE: Revs at low throttle, backfire/sputters under heavy throttle
  127. help with your opinion
  128. RB20 Knocking Noise
  129. 1jz question
  130. KA24DE horrible run
  131. SR Maf/Code 12 and 23
  132. Stripped idler gear bolt
  133. hard start ka24de
  134. please help i wanna drive my car, another sr with a bad owner.
  135. isis downpipe fitment
  136. sr20 smoking after shifting
  137. rb25 maf low voltage help
  138. What the hell kind of valvetrain is this???
  139. (video) what would cause this afr problem, PLEASE HELP!
  140. sr20det issue
  141. Whats a good timing for my KA-T setup?
  142. Help! Car won't start if 2 connectors near battery are discon..
  143. SR Bad idle. DD please help
  144. RB25 RPM's at 65mph??
  145. wtf would cause this to happen???
  146. standard engine + gt2871r
  147. Something went wrong in Cylinder #3
  148. Vh45 timing
  149. 2000+ g20 lifters on a 52f rwd sr20??? Any tried this?
  150. put sr back together but ...
  151. s14 RB20DET revving problems??
  152. smoking KA
  153. Sr problems
  154. ka24det running issues
  155. Se20det hestiation/ hissing noise from fpr
  156. rb20det s13 issue "timing?"
  157. TPS wiring help
  158. s14 sr mystery noise loses power
  159. What increases the compression in 95+ KA's???
  160. S13 SR20 DET Engine Fire
  161. '96 KA24DE Hard start/Idle
  162. Sr20det swap opinions.
  163. Sr20det doesn't go past 3,500 rpm
  164. Weird KA problem, all help welcome
  165. noob question but need to know
  166. another 96 ka24de wont start
  167. No fuel getting to my motor
  168. RB wiring help needed
  169. More cam = less vacuum at idle??????
  170. Need Help with Intercooler Piping
  171. Apexi HG bore size Question
  172. anyone have advice for a clutch change on an RB25 in an S14?
  173. S13 SR20DET Strong pulse of Air Going Threw My Valve cover & Oil Cap When in Idle?
  174. Rb25det question
  175. rb20 spark problem bad? ecu? maf?
  176. What options do I have for my HKS cams? (pics)
  177. No Throttle Response after hard bumps or 'fast' turns
  178. NA KA (DE, S13, ITB) manifold modification. need help figuring this out.
  179. SR cutting out under low throttle.
  180. Bought a SR20 head, but need some help
  181. No fuel/Starter Ka24de Help
  182. SR20DET: Is It Possible...
  183. bought a top mount turbo setup for my rb20.. questions
  184. sr flooding out
  185. SR20det valvetrain: hydraulic lifters bleed themselves @ 120psi?
  186. Rb25/26 cas
  187. I'm sorry if this offends anyone ls1 swap on an s14.
  188. 95 240sx Engine Control Harness (plugs f11 and f13)
  189. sr20det cylinder wall grooves
  190. Nissan DataScan users O2 question
  191. SR20DET adjusting cam timing for more power/torque.
  192. Quick question about KA24DE manual swap
  193. anyone done a ca18de(n/a) to sr20det swap in an s13?
  194. Authentic D-Max Pulley kit? Can someone verify this please
  195. Is my motor done?
  196. S14 Sr20 Intake manifold on sr20ve head?
  197. Weird Question; How do I remove ground cable from battery tray?
  198. another ka24de oil problem
  199. sourcing oem FPR for sr20?
  200. Motor Misfire SR20
  201. s13 rb20 no idle
  202. Producing full boost early and keeping steady until redline...
  203. car wornt start. suprise suprise...
  204. RB25det S14. Injectors resistance bad or ok?
  205. cp piston ring install/orientation? help
  206. KA24DE - idle problems
  207. Help figuring what this tube is for? Sr20det Redtop
  208. s14 rb25 swap no key power
  209. s13 sr20det no fuel no spark and tried two cas
  210. KA24de S13 Wont start
  211. sr20det rebuild question
  212. Delete
  213. Help Please Red Top SR Timing
  214. Optional "Slimmer" Clutch Fan SR20
  215. RB25 S13 swap no ECU power
  216. Help figuring out what this tube goes to.. Oil catch can?
  217. Oem S14 sr20det camshaft part number?!!?
  218. wiring help with rb25 GA
  219. SR20DET Coolant Fitting size
  220. ca18det pulling timing
  221. RB20DET wont idle
  222. GT3071R Questions
  223. decking sr20det
  224. DOHC Eng Bay Harness, SOHC Shell, SR20 Motor WIRING
  225. Ball bearing or not??
  226. aem tuner, east coast
  227. KA24E Swap into 92 S13 SE idle issues.. Tried everything..
  228. S13 KA24E Running Rough and Cutting Out
  229. Location of sr chain tensioner?
  230. Too much boost for stock internals?
  231. Cut hose?
  232. rb20det problem!!?
  233. RB25det s1 problems
  234. Sr20det spark plugs?
  235. redtop sr20det randomly losing power and cutting out and backfiring , please helpp ?
  236. KA24E Ignition Timing... Need help ASAP.
  237. weird. searched alot.
  238. SR w/Tomei 260-how smooth?
  239. Injector stuck open,white smoke!
  240. KA24DE Power Steering Clogged? Flushing Metal Filings!
  241. rb20det idles but no drive?
  242. Apexi 415-A013 install questions
  243. SR20det vacuum line help!
  244. sr20 oil adapter gasket PART#
  245. need some help, oil in first 2 cylinders (on spark plugs)
  246. fuse box wiring
  247. Need assistance/info
  248. ka-t headgasket question
  249. need help sr20 sputters idles low and shuts off
  250. sr20det no crank. please help before i kill myself