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  1. HELP!!! wiring specialties harness in rb20 starts but has a bad miss!
  2. Yo sr peeps!!! Please look at theses cams. I think I got screwed.
  3. Fresh SR20DET in S13 needs some tweaking.
  4. Ka24de cylinder #2 not working?!!!? Help!
  5. rb25 slave cylinder replacement?
  6. HELP! KA-T starts and idles fine, but dies after rev. VIDEO!
  7. Redtop SR Boost Leak!
  8. Leak down problem/question.
  9. Swap S13 KA To S14
  10. swap fully built ca18 or fully built ka-t
  11. QUESTION: Cam Angle Sensor wires to ECU SR20DET Redtop
  12. exhaust
  13. PLEASE HELP: s14 SR idles slightly rough with VTC plugged in
  14. What oil do you guys use Ka24DE built motors?
  15. RB20 tuning question
  16. starter replacement
  17. RB20 larger turbo, plug size?
  18. 1998 Nissan 240sx KA24de ecu codes
  19. Sr boost
  20. Need some help, Timing?
  21. RB25 in S chassis intercooler and BOV questions
  22. Sr20, wierd crud on spark plug
  23. My never ending battle with this CA18DET
  24. surefire engines
  25. help 3 injectors are spraying other one isnt and injector is good
  26. Sr20 Blown piston rings or Valve Steam Seals
  27. s13 sr20 won't run
  28. rb no spark please help
  29. Engine burning oil? Or is it normal?
  30. Cx racing bov on sr20
  31. sr20det starting issues NEED HELP
  32. What is the best EMS to run on an RB25 in an s14??
  33. SR Bellhousing Swap ?
  34. Overbore ka24de
  35. Need help with KA24de Cam swap
  36. sr20det bogging until hits boost
  37. need help car is dying!! oil is running out exhaust!!!???
  38. Cooling
  39. SR20DET Throw out bearing holder?
  40. Smallest T28 for Tial v-band housing
  41. Adjusting idle screw doesn't change idle at all
  42. Rb Cross reference parts thread ???
  43. Aston Villa vs Chelsea
  44. s13 KA24de Check engine light
  45. 300zxTT engine swap help
  46. NEO RB25 89 240sx (need some help)
  47. Smoke from O2 sensor
  49. how much power will this setup make?
  50. Strange Engine Issue - CEL
  51. new clutch slipping
  52. Need help removing tubes from block
  53. Strange Rattle/Chatter Above 1000RPM?
  54. Greddy rail/ injector fitment issue
  55. i'm confused with rocker arms!!! with tomei solid lifters
  56. KA24DE set up for boost or nay?
  57. Loose Flywheel
  58. Sr20det maf
  59. Odd starting issue
  60. SR20DET swap questions
  61. Sr20det vs. Rb26dett
  62. running a blacktop 02 on a redtop!!
  63. Engine stalls while in neutral...
  64. rb25 guys i need a simple answer plz!
  65. Need help I just bought a 1991 240sx
  66. rb25 Neo lower harness
  67. J4 ECU and wiring
  68. GM 3bar map sensor wiring? please help
  69. SR20DET Limp Mode
  70. CA18DET Cams
  71. sr20det wont rev pst 2k
  72. RB25 S13 start issues.
  73. problem with cooling system SR20DET
  74. SR timing help.
  75. car pops and crackles when i get on it!
  76. Assembling my s13 red top today!
  77. CA18DET Cut in sections
  78. rb20....no spark....
  79. ca18det engine sputter
  80. Ka24de failure need advice
  81. Another smoking issue
  82. Need help!!! Car doesnt start
  83. Piston clearance question
  84. What am I missing?
  85. Rebuilding ka24de help please !
  86. Auto harness, Manual Harness compatability
  87. Electric fan relay wiring? urgent please help
  88. Reputable place to buy an SR20DET
  89. Engine making weird noise
  90. SR20 Idles Horrible cold/at 1st start up.then Fine.Help
  91. Main Bearings?
  92. Sr20det running like crap
  93. KA24E Starter not engaging
  94. need help asap
  95. Can a Leaky Injector turn on EGR error code?
  96. Car "hops" when accelerating?
  97. No MAF power or signal
  98. S-AFC problems
  99. Noob BOV question
  100. S14 ka auto starting issues
  101. sr20det rich idle. input please
  102. fuel setup
  103. Performance Intake Mani Question
  104. Performance Intake Mani Question
  105. s14 speed sensor help
  106. s14 fluid change help
  107. Timing problems Ka24de...Loosing my mind after 3 days of disappointing results
  108. 1JZ Cooling Idea feedback
  109. s13 ka24de issue at 3500 rpms
  110. finished my rb build need opinion
  111. Sr20det breaking up after driving it nice:(
  112. Problems after swap
  113. SR20 Blacktop overheated, barely starts, then dies
  114. RB wasted spark tach signal?
  115. S13 KA Vacuum reduction and unneccesary system reduction?
  116. Sr20 Overheats When I Turn on my Fans
  117. Vacuum leak and symptoms
  118. ka24e shutting off
  119. gathering an understanding of wiring o2 sensor
  120. Lets talk timing....again. SR/idle issues Cold/warm.
  121. !!!HElp Please KA-T running rich out of no where!!!
  122. Do POD Filters Really Make Much Of A Difference?
  123. Let's talk Ka24 crank shafts and gurdles!
  124. Replaced EGR but have a Code 32 (S13)
  125. stanza idles bad and engine heats up
  126. s13 SR20det rich idle, lean in boost
  127. frying alternators
  128. Weird Sr starting problem. [Car runs fine]
  129. T25 rebuild
  130. Rb20 coolant lines
  131. ka24det oil feed
  132. Max Boost on E85?
  133. Crank case venting
  134. SR20det shuddering after piping pop off. VIDEO
  135. RB26DETT California
  136. Coil Pack CA18det
  137. whining ? intake cam rb20 ?
  138. Car won't start, EGI fuse issues, HELP!
  139. burning oil need opinion
  140. Anybody have Greddy sandwich oil cooler adapter with thermostat?
  141. Air pump on s14 KA
  142. stock ka24de fuel injector ohms
  143. KA bog when i use AC or elec fans?
  144. rb20(det) swapped 240sx struggles to start, when running struggles to idle then dies.
  145. Just received my block back from the machine shop..
  146. smokey ka!!! NEED HELP
  147. rb20 or rb25??
  148. ISIS RS3871 install thread
  149. Crankshaft balancing pros and cons
  150. built rb20 no ...ass... little help
  151. First time Nissan owner: sr20 motor rebuild opinions wanted
  152. EGI/ECCS electrical issue when heat soaked
  153. anybody in the 213 area who can help?!
  154. WTF happened to my exhaust?? PICS
  155. Sr20det blacktop running like dookie!
  156. SR20DET Out of car! Where do I go now?
  157. q45 brake hardware and pads ?
  158. attach turbo onto N/A s15 sr20de
  159. RB25 vacuum line question
  160. Considering a VQ swap.
  161. Turbo is very loud under boost lately
  162. need help tuning afc neo for stock ka24de
  163. auto ecu in 5spd car?
  164. can i use this cam???
  165. Identifying Proper Injectors?
  166. Another KA24DE idle problem
  167. Sr20det stock fpr question
  168. Exhaust question!
  169. Ka24de Problem
  170. rb25 help needed
  171. help regarding installing 93 s13 coupe e-brake
  172. Sr20det engine break in
  173. ka24de ticking coming from the head..
  174. A couple questions
  175. Just a quick HELP needed!!!
  176. Replacement valve stem seals
  177. Can KA24E run KA24DE parts?
  178. 89 s13 motor rattle noise!! please help!
  179. ka oil consumption issue
  180. Ac fan making a lot of noise on higher rpms
  181. Getting my running SR on the road
  182. Wont go into 5th...
  183. Rb25 maf issue
  184. Cleaning oil channels diy
  185. ACL bearings q
  186. what do i need to read A/F ratio with DataScan?
  187. sr20det redtop problem with CAS?
  188. Partial throttle boost and/or partial throttle full boost
  189. KA24E Questions
  190. RB25DET Series 1 Starting issue
  191. Ka24e e.c.u.
  192. Redtop Sr20DET Turbo & waste Gate
  193. Mixed up engine internals
  194. KADET Stalling out
  195. A/R choice for gt2860rs
  196. what are good fuel injectors
  197. worn out CAS
  198. sr 20 problems
  199. Coolant temp sensor? •__•
  200. SR20det high idle/ bogging
  201. Rebuilding A/C Compressor?
  202. NST or JET pulley kit reviews??
  203. A/C kills car. It's hot as $H!t in Arizona.
  204. rb wastegate
  205. Neglected engine "pics inside"
  206. KA24E High Idle after warm up. SOHC Genius' look here
  207. aem ems on rb25 neo
  208. Gti-r fuel rail compatability
  209. bov question
  210. Ohh shit another motor oil thread...
  211. KADE pistons in a KAE
  212. am i screwed? sr head that has dot marks...
  213. sr20det top mount turbo down pipe hitting brake booster?
  214. SR20DET running on 2 cylinders?
  215. S13 KA24DE running rich
  216. AEM guys need some guidance.
  217. SR Fan Clutch on KA?
  218. sr20det not creating boost
  219. temp gauge in cluster doesnt work after rb25 swap?
  220. Need help shimming head
  221. tomei arms m7960 problem
  222. rom tuning
  223. power fc on stock sr?
  224. What is this please....
  225. ka24de fuel system not working after swap
  226. Sr running hot
  227. What standalone/ecu should I get?
  228. RHD LS1 s13
  229. Valve Stem Seals,
  230. arp head studs
  231. Sr20det rough idle no leaks
  232. SR20DET won't idle :/ going full lean.
  233. Dual cam KA faint rattle
  234. where should i buy a rebuild kit for my t25?
  235. 1jzgte help :(
  236. Clutch Options
  237. SR BUILD ideas????
  238. Help sr20 weird non starting
  239. HELP: RB20DET Coolant Flush/ Getting air out
  240. SR20DET power steering issues
  241. VH45 swap???
  242. rb20det j30 ignitor swap. (need some help)
  243. Fully built SR20DET, now what?
  244. Bad IACV?
  245. boost solenoid wiring
  246. re-torque questions
  247. Cams vs. bore/stroke inquiry
  248. Valve spring question... Buying the BC kit...
  249. s13 sr20 A/C problems
  250. idling problems