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1992 vehicle

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1992 vehicle
The motor vehicle has four, indeed four cylindrical objects upon which it rolls.Standard equipment including controls for linear, lateral, and yaw acceleration. Ranking among my favorite would be the progressive yaw accerlation device, a.k.a. slide stick. Ergonomic passenger corporeal support/restraining devices are bolted to the floor in the cabin area, although rear seats have been removed to thwart attempts by unscrupulous individuals lacking there own transportation from 'mooching' rides and subsequently unduly increasing parasitic loss of acceleration. I being the driver sit in one such restraint device (sometimes) whilst piloting the vehicle. Some adjustabe radius control linkages amongst other things have been installed to decrease deflection in the suspension system. After years of loving attention from oxidation a 'Speed Hole' has formed in the exhaust thereby increasing SPL levels and creating psuedo 'boost like noises'. Many a persons have fallen victim to the 'sounds like a blow off valve must race be turbo' effect of the 'speed hole' only to fall victim to the 'wow what a slow p.o.s. conundrum'. Finally, a viscous torque biasing axle coupling has been fitted to facilitate extreme yaw acceleration maneuvers, incidently aiding increased velocity during cornering and also assisting proper demonstrations of the laws of physics, specifically friction, or known by the layman term, burn outs.

consequently, my car moves under its own power, sometimes straight (amazingly) and goes "vrooom [email protected]!"

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1992 vehicle - Photo 69 1992 vehicle - Photo 64 1992 vehicle - Photo 65 1992 vehicle - Photo 66 1992 vehicle - Photo 67 1992 vehicle - Photo 68 1992 vehicle - Photo 70
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Member: citizen
Created: 11-07-2004 11:35 PM
Last Modified: 11-07-2004 11:35 PM
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Author Comment Date
240FaLKoN Hahahaha, I have those wheels now. . .(rear) 02-24-2006
S13SilviaGirl Very nice! Coupes are the best!!! 02-12-2006
citizen enkei 92s in front with my super secret special time consuming finish on them and hayashi perriers on back 07-01-2004
Ghettokracker71 Very unique meshies! What kind are they? 07-01-2004
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