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S Chassis Technical discussion related to the S Chassis such as the S12, S13, S14, and S15.

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fresh built Ka24de Fueling issue?

hi guys,

I just finished rebuilding my ka24de and fired it up for the first time today, but i am having possible fueling issues. Im basically cranking it so i can warm the motor up so i can adjust and set timing and bleed the coolant system. However it is running sooo rich i am scared to let it idle for more than a few seconds , i am scared of fuel getting into the oil will cause bearing failure. It fires right away but idles so damn rough i cant even grab the dizzy because the motor is bucking so hard, it sounds like a wrx and i think it may have only fired on cylinder one due to cylinder 3-4 fouling plugs right after start. after about 30 secs of idling black smoke that reeks of fuel pours from the exhaust. Basically i am curious to hear peoples thoughts on if this could just be due to gnarly retarded timing or something else as i have never seen a car run this rich before.

pulled plugs right after i turned it off in terror and they were soaked in fuel, all were fouled except cylinder ones plug.

some details on car-

s13 vert ka24de rebuilt with sohc cam pistons
enthalpy tune for 93 octane
sr 370cc injectors
stock fuel pump
N60 maf.

my 1st thought was injector problem, as i just checked them with a multi meter and im getting 19 ohms(checked them while they were installed in the rail) across the injectors pins(top of injector), and from what i read they should be at 11ish ohms. also checked to see if they were stuck open which is what i thought, but it seems they are not.

dropped oil and it also smelled heavily of fuel, but volume wise was about the same amount of oil as i put in.

no vacuum leaks as all emissions are deleted including swirl valve solenoid, only have vacuum hooked up to stock FPR and the main vacuum galley under the intake manifold, and intake, and valve cover.

i have not yet checked voltages on MAF, but the grounds are good at .01 ohms.

TPS has not been set yet as i have not been able to get it to operating temp, neither has timing.

is there something wrong here, or am i being paranoid and just man up and let it idle till warm?
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