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S Chassis Technical discussion related to the S Chassis such as the S12, S13, S14, and S15.

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Nissan 240sx 1989-1994 S13 Differential Overhaul: cleaning, inspection, adjustmen

Click on the link to see the complete article with images check it out here: Nissan 240SX Differential Overhaul S13: cleaning, inspection, adjustments and more. Garage411.com


1. With differential assembly removed from vehicle, remove rear mounting member and cover plate. Using an INCH-lb. torque wrench, check total differential preload. Total preload should be 12-15 INCH lbs. (1.4-1.7 N.m).
2. Mount dial indicator on gear carrier gasket surface. Record ring gear to pinion backlash readings at several points around ring gear for use during reassembly. Backlash specification is:
  • .0039-.0059"(.100-.150 mm).
3. Place dial indicator so that it contacts ring gear surface behind tooth face. Check ring gear runout. Runout limit is:
  • .002" (.05 mm)
Check ring and pinion gear tooth contact pattern.
4. On R200, check clearance between side gear thrust washer and differential case. Clearance should be:
  • .004-.008" (.10-.20 mm).
5. On all models, mark carrier, caps and bearing outer races for reinstallation in original position. Remove side bearing caps. Extract differential case from carrier. Do not mix right and left side bearings or races.
6. Remove pinion nut. Remove pinion flange with puller. Using a press, remove drive pinion (together with rear bearing inner race, bearing spacer and adjusting washer or collapsible spacer) from carrier. Remove pinion oil seal. Remove front bearing inner race. Remove side oil seal.
7. Remove pinion bearing outer races using a brass drift. Remove pinion rear bearing inner race and the drive pinion height adjusting washer.

FYI: Keep left and right side bearings separate, as they are not interchangeable.

8. To disassemble differential case, use Side Bearing Puller (ST33051001) with Driver (ST33061000) and remove side bearings. Loosen ring gear bolts in diagonal pattern. To remove ring gear, tap with soft hammer evenly all around gear to prevent binding.

FYI: Mark gears and thrust washers for installation in original positions.

9. On R200, drive out pinion mate shaft lock pin from ring gear side. On R200V, mark differential cases for reassembly reference. Remove screws and separate differential cases. On all models, remove pinion mate shaft, pinion gears, side gears and thrust washers.

Cleaning and Inspection

Thoroughly clean and inspect all parts for wear and damage. Check bearings for scratches, pitting and flaking. Check tapered roller bearings for rough rotation. Replace bearings as necessary.

Reassembly and Adjustments

1. For R200V, go to step 4). For R200, assemble pinion gears, side gears and thrust washers in original positions in differential case. Fit pinion mate shaft to differential case so it aligns with lock pin holes.
2. Measure side gear-to-thrust washer clearance.
Clearance should be:
  • .004-.008" (.10-.20 mm), Select thrust washer to obtain specified clearance.
3. Install pinion mate shaft lock pin and lock in place with punch. Apply gear oil to gear tooth surface and thrust surfaces. Ensure gears rotate smoothly. Go to step 9).

FYI: On R200V, whenever side gears or pinion mate gears are replaced, replace thrust washers.

4. On R200V, clean and lubricate gears. Install previously removed thrust washer on right side gear. Select a thrust washer (for measurement purposes) and install on left side gear. Assemble gears and pinion mate shaft into differential case. Using 2 screws, temporarily tighten differential case.
5. Position differential assembly with right side gear upward. Insert 2 .0012" (.030 mm) feeler gauges 180 degrees apart, between right side gear and thrust washer.

Click on the link to see the complete article with images check it out here: Nissan 240SX Differential Overhaul S13: cleaning, inspection, adjustments and more. Garage411.com

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