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S Chassis Technical discussion related to the S Chassis such as the S12, S13, S14, and S15.

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Nissan 240sx 1989-1994 S13 Clutch Assembly Removal and Installation

Click on the link to see the complete article with images check it out here: Nissan 240sx Clutch Assembly Removal and Installation (s13). Garage411.com

Nissan's S13 240sx clutch assembly is a single-disc type with a diaphragm spring pressure plate. Hydraulically-controlled system consists of a master cylinder, slave cylinder, release lever and release bearing. Clutch master cylinder is on firewall with a non-adjustable slave cylinder on clutch housing.


Clutch interlock switch is located on clutch pedal bracket. With clutch pedal fully depressed, adjust clearance between rubber stopper and threaded end of interlock switch. Clearance should be .039-.118" (1.00-3.00 mm).

Adjust pedal height to specification by turning pedal stopper adjusting nut or clutch switch.



1. Disconnect battery terminals and accelerator linkage. Place shift lever in Neutral position. Remove shift lever boot, snap ring or nut, shift lever pin and shift lever. Raise and support vehicle.
2. Disconnect exhaust pipe from manifold. Remove bolts mounting exhaust pipe bracket to extension housing or rear engine crossmember (if necessary). Remove exhaust pipe insulator. Disconnect all electrical connectors from transmission. Disconnect speedometer cable.
3. Separate center support bearing from crossmember. Remove drive shaft. Plug rear of transmission to prevent fluid loss. Remove slave cylinder. Support engine and transmission using jacks. Loosen rear engine mount attaching bolt.
4. Remove rear engine mount bracket. Support tranny. Remove starter and engine-to-transmission bolts. Slide transmission rearward and remove transmission. Loosen pressure plate bolts using a crisscross pattern to relieve spring pressure. Remove pressure plate and clutch disc.

1. Check clutch disc for wear. Minimum height of lining above rivet heads is .012" (.3 mm). Check disc runout by mounting disc onto input shaft. Mount dial indicator to transmission case with indicator plunger on face of disc. Rotate clutch disc.
2. Replace clutch disc if runout exceeds specification. Check hub fit on input shaft splines. Disc should slide smoothly. Replace clutch disc if spline backlash (measured at outer edge of disc) exceeds .035" (.90 mm).
  • Nissan 240sx S13 (Distance from hub center where runout is to be measured): 4.23 inches (107mm)
3. Check end surface of pressure plate diaphragm springs for wear. Check difference in height between diaphragm spring fingers. Adjust fingers if height difference is greater than .020" (.5 mm). Inspect thrust springs by shaking pressure plate assembly. Tap lightly on rivets. Replace complete assembly if noise is heard.
4. Inspect flywheel and pressure plate for scoring, grooves and warpage. Dress light roughness with fine emery cloth. Machine flywheel surface if flywheel runout exceeds .006" (.15 mm). If surface is deeply scored, replace flywheel and/or pressure plate.

1. Lightly lubricate clutch disc splines with molybdenum grease. Slide clutch disc onto mainshaft splines. Remove clutch disc. Wipe off excess grease. Install clutch assembly onto guide dowels. Use clutch aligning tool to center disc and pressure plate.
2. Using a crisscross pattern, tighten bolts evenly one turn at a time to specification. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Adjust clutch pedal height and free play. Refill transmission. Bleed clutch hydraulic system.

Click on the link to see the complete article with images check it out here: Nissan 240sx Clutch Assembly Removal and Installation (s13). Garage411.com

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