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Old 02-27-2009, 02:05 PM   #1
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alarm installation guide

Hi all ya Silvia dudes :bigthumb
i wanted to install a alarm in my S14 SR20DET Japan spec silvia, but i ran in to some trouble, and will make sure that i have the right wires :confused so i wanna start out with some questions aboutthe wires i need, here is a diagram over the alarm device:

here is the numbers and what i have done,gonna do with it:
1. is that this wire what turns the trunk light on and is it good enough to take that wire in the trunk to be sure that i have the right one...??
2. door trigger that the red/white one that are in the drivers kick panel,

that wire to the right side of the yellow one, btw is that to boxes only the drivers kickpanel or is it all that stuff down there.-...?
3.direction light have i taken by the emergency flash light
4. same here
5. hood pin trigger, can i use that or schould i then buy a sort of contact do use that wire, think that S14`s not come with that wire...
6. is that the starter or the "on" wire, and what wire is that

7. Domelight am i gonne twist together with the door trigger wire
8. that will then be my trunk release kit whats gonna be mounted to that wire
9.there im gonna take the red/green wire by the brake pedal

10.where the hell i am gonna mount that wire :Werd
11.Same question here :wtf
12.that will be the jumper from the door trigger red/white one that tells the main alarm computer if it is negativ or positive triggered? and that will then be negativ
13. same here as number 12

will i then take the power from + and - from the batteri or is it better to take it anywhere else?!?
and what does that meen by 7 and 8 where there is a - , schould the wire be mounted to the - wire
here is a picture of the doors central lock system

what do i do with that one
hope someone can help me because my car is standing with all the interiour apart :bash
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Stealth Car Alarm Install - 95-98 Nissan 240SX
Buy my car : http://zilvia.net/f/showthread.php?t=620537
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Originally Posted by Om1kron View Post
have it but it is not the same wirering diagram...
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Old 02-27-2009, 02:27 PM   #4
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1 - Yes
2 - Have to test it. i dont have a car wire diagram
3 - should work. i always used the wire that controlled parking lights.
4 - same
5 - you should get on in the kit to mount yourself
6 - attach that to an ignition source
7 - not sure why you would need that if you have all your door trigger wires
8 - that will trigger your trunk release solenoid. if your not installing one, dont need it
9 - as long as it reads 12V with pedal pushed in
10 - looks like a starter kill relay. that would you should not have to do anything with that wire
11 - need more info on what that relay does
12 - thats just the selector for what type of door triggers you have. positive trigger or negative trigger

you can get constant power from your constant wire going to your ignition. any good solid ground will work for it
and the - means it needs to be a negative trigger input from the car.

hope this helps your out. pm me if you still have more questions
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Old 02-27-2009, 02:40 PM   #5
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The wiring is the exact same colors on all models, whether they're US, JDM, or UK spec.

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rhd180... that helped me a lot.-.. thx, but have some questions i want to take the power from the ignition switch harness here is a picture of mine

, and it seems not to fit together with the diagram:
1995-96 Nissan 200 SX Alarm, Remote Starter, Keyless Entry Wiring Information

question for nr:


1995-96 Nissan 200 SX Alarm, Remote Starter, Keyless Entry Wiring Information
here is a diagram but is that the red/white wire that are on the picture that i linked to uphead? and is it okay to take the wire from the drivers door trigger only?!?

6. what kind of source of ignition,

10. how do i connect it, so that the car jacker dont can drive away in my car, do i need some sort of relay, or could i use this wire to connect/deconnect the fuelpump og something like that,

11. could that be like nr 10 that it could be used for something like that

Hope you can help me and sry for my bad explaining im danish
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dont know why but it seems to be more than one wire that have the same color, and dont wanna take the wrong wire, but anyways, when it stands that it can be collected in the drivers kickpanel is that all the area behind the plastic by you right food, when i remove the cover or schould i remove the hodl plastic thing,

and whats the anti theft module? do my car also have that when its JDM and not USDM here is a picture is it that one with the white thing, and whats the two boxes with the bolts in the middle?!?

and again sry for my bad writing :P
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i will try this =]
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