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RB Can you Import and R32 or not?

Hey Zilvia,

I have come here to ask someone knowledgable set the record straight!

I have contacted EPA and this is the info a gathered:
-If the car is 21+ you do not have to comply with emissions regulations.
-The engine MUST be 100% stock. No extra turbos, intake, no new engine.

DOT has not called me back nor emailed me.
Customs didnt email me or answer the phone because well our Gov is shut down.

Ive been in contact with a Canadian Importer that lives in Japan and this was our convo. Bottom to top.

Yeah, it is complicated and I am not sure if anyone has brought in an R33 since the Motorex problems.

Have you read the story of them? It was the company that was bringing in the Skylines in the mid-2000s. They only crash tested the R33 and then claimed that the chassis was the same across all models. So there is crash data for the R33 out there but not for anything else. But then again, the crash work is for the GTS model. The GTR might not qualify anymore.

If it were me, I would not try for the R33 until they are 25 years old. If I have not heard of anyone who brought one in then I assume nobody has and that you will run into heavy roadblocks if you tired.

The safest bet (and what my customers are doing now) is to get familiar with the system by importing a 1989 or older car now and then selling it. You can profit a little and then buy the GTR once you have an idea of the total costs and procedure.

I have three cars going there this month from people who are doing the exact same thing and waiting for the R32 to become legal.

Also, there are a lot of illegal imports in Florida as far as I know. Be careful lot people saying that they can import you a legal car. You might get stuck with no car and no money.


On 2013-10-03, at 11:23 AM, wrote:

Thanks a lot and I read the opposite i was on a federal site, the NHTA or something like that and they are illegal to bring to the US (the r33)

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On Oct 2, 2013, at 10:20 PM, Derek Weldon wrote:

Feel free to use the auction tool as much as you want.

The only Skyline that passed the crash testing was the 1994 - 1997 Skyline R33. You can pass that one through inspection but you have to know what needs to be changed and you need to import it through a registered importer.

There is a list of what needs to be changed floating around out there but I am not sure where you can find it.

You should be very careful to not only check the federal requirements but also the state rules. Lucky for you Florida is an easy state from what I have heard.

I hope this helps.


On 2013-10-03, at 10:45 AM, wrote:

That's not good news! I was under the impression if the car was less than 25 years old there were DOT and safety regulations it had to pass.

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On Oct 2, 2013, at 8:54 PM, Derek Weldon wrote:

That makes it tricky.

The US has always had a 25 year restriction at the federal level for importing. But recently, they are requiring advance notice before the ship sails. This has freaked out a lot of shipping agents who are not allowing shipments to the States without that form.

I suppose that the good news is that the R32 Skyline will become legal for the States as of next year. They begun in 1989.

Once the vehicle is 25 years old then we can certainly help you out but until then I7m afraid it is not really possible.


On 2013-10-03, at 9:05 AM, wrote:

United States

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On Oct 2, 2013, at 8:02 PM, Derek Weldon wrote:

Hi there,

Could you let me know what country you are from. Then I can answer the question better.

Thank you

On 2013-10-03, at 6:18 AM, wrote:


Im interested in purchasing a 1990-93 Nissan Skyline GTS-T or GTR. I saw your post on youtube and was wondering if you can help me in my quest.

Thank you,

SO my question is is it possible or not?
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I am no expert....infact I don't know jack $#!t about it, apart from what I've read. I think the 89's will be legal...then the 90...then the 91? I believe there is a strict policy for getting it registered instate but I'm not sure of the process involved.

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This topic has been beaten to death 1,000,000 and theres always somebody out there that has extremely wrong information, super confused and blatantly just doesn't know.

The 1989 R32 GTST and GTR's will be legal in 2014. This however, does include; the month of manufacture as well. This means that the earliest a GTST can be imported in May, 2014 and August, 2014 for the GTR. CBP will require verification of this so don't let your importer try and tell you otherwise because it IS MANDATORY!

Permitting you provide the proper export documents, proof of age and title, exemption documents (this should be done by your importer/exporter) your broker will handle the rest of the paperwork such as soil exam, etc. There will be no difference between importing a 89 Skyline and importing a 2003 Nissan 350Z. The same goes for local registration, tags, etc.

I understand why everyone has become very skeptical as these cars have become quite the Drama Queens and the centre of countless scams and problematic importing schemes. I remember watching the Motorex stories unfold, and I recall many import scams such as Jeremy Boddy that scammed THOUSANDS from many SOUSA members. Fact remains, push aside all the "scary" misconceptions and importing your dream car can be quite the painless process.

I recommend using due diligence and common sense as well, PLEASE research your importer/exporter and if it sounds too go to be true (example: $10,000 GTR landed) then please run, report them and warn everyone. The last thing we need is more sketchy scammers ruining it for EVERYONE.

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