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KA Ka24e, first it was no spark but now it's no fuel

SOLVED: The wiring harness was the problem.

Greetings people of Zilvia. i have already searched through 500 threads and have had no luck. So i bought this 1990 nissan 240sx with 200k miles for my first car and it has never ran right once since i've had it. Idle is very inconsistent. But that is not the main issue. I was stuck in traffic on the freeway when the car just dies. When i try to start it cranks but nothing. Then it finally starts. I turn around and try to get home. Car dies again this time no luck. AAA comes to the rescue. Next day car starts like nothing happened. I pull out of the driveway and it dies. I ordered some new iacv connectors from wiring specialties and put those on. For the first time it had a steady idle. Then it stopped idling and i had to keep it alive. Then it died. So now it refuses to start, it will crank and crank but nothing. It has been sitting for over a month now cuz i have been trying to figure it out. No spark with spark plug grounded against the block. No spark coming out of ign coil. I know for a fact is has fuel because I smell it in the combustion chamber with the spark plug out.
New coil
New spark plugs
New plug wires
New dizzy
New cap and rotor
New ign control module
alternator tested to be good
charcoal canister is deleted and so is the fuel check valve
smog stuff next to the header is gone
has front end collision
has cxracing radiator with a beer can reservoir
has ricer pod filter
checked all fuses and relays i could find:
checked relay next to the battery
checked relay inside the car behind the radio
checked all fuses under driver side kick panel
check all fuses and relays in both fuse blocks
If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated, because at this point I have no idea what is wrong with this thing. I just wanted to get a second opinion.

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