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Motor is out so im like fuck it. might as well re-fresh it a bit and add some more parts

took the motor apart and found this shit

this is the #3 cam cap and mating surface

here is the cam

instead of trying to repair this i decided to get another head
got it like this

sent it to a machine shop and had it surfaced and hot tanked, and it came out like this

the block wasnt in bad condition eithor

mostly a lot of build up on the pistons

so i sent it to a buddy of mine and he checked it out, and re-ringed it, and did all new bearings, thrust washers, and honed the bores
got it back like this

bought a new tool

so i could put on these

bc springs, retainers, and cams.

then i got all new rockers b/c the stock ones were pretty scored up

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Nothing is rare just expensive.
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if you've ever been with multiple women, then even you can understand that not all girlfriends are created equal. some are capable of amazing oral talents, while others dont mind a lill back door action.
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