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Eoken is an unknown quantity at this point
Maverick Motorsports duel caliper brackets. I found out the hard way you need to start the bottom bolt that holds on the second caliper before you finish tightening the four bolts that hold the bracket on... otherwise it will not clear the knuckle.

At this point I just put the wheel on as a preview because I could not figure out how to fully attach the second caliper lol.

Well excuuuuuuuse me!!!

sad day! when I started my car the speedo when crazy and looked like this. I did not catch it on camera but it looked like cracks ran across the bottom and it glew very brightly. now the bottom of the display is burned out :'( not sure what caused this. the red lines sometimes come back on start up but go away shortly after. I will try to fix this but not for a while as I am not sure what the problem is. I might just replace it and break another one.

I made a custom hand brake out of a $30.00 sword. I used a Wilwood master cylinder and a PBM bracket.

I then welded up a bracket to mount it without having to cut any interior pieces.

after much trial and error I found the perfect spot for it!

First welding project!

I love welding! It is so much fun!

I added in an extra bolt to help spread the load and not bend the sheet metal on my transmission tunnel. The long L shape bracket also spreads the load pretty well. (this made a big difference but there is still room for improvement with my design so I will revisit it again! but for now it works. I will add another side support in the future.

Small reinforcement plate underneath to spared the load of the bolt.

I adjusted the angle back after a few weeks to reach it easier. but here is a good preview.

A little paint on the bracket.

275 wide tires lookin' good.

Angle grinder + welding + auto seam sealer.

Nismo coppermix clutch, pressure plate, and an S15 autech flywheel (I think). I got this in a deal with a S15 six speed transmission and an aluminum driveshaft I can shorten to fit my car. I could not turn down the deal for $300! I just have to buy an S15 trans. cross member and possibly a different clutch set up that is sprung.

I also need to somehow transfer over my speed senor gear.

+Stock S15 shifter I will need to get a S15 shift knob because it is a different thread pitch.

I don't like the feel of the short shifter that is on my five speed at all. >. >

Front set up is on!

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