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Found a OEM Nissan strut bar that was a factory option for the 180sx thanks to I have not seen too many of them for sale so I think it is pretty rare. It is very thick and very lightweight! I love how it looks in the bay!

Comparison next to my old front strut tower brace.

After a long time looking I found a used Trust DD exhaust. It was in pretty sad shape but I cleaned it up best I could with the tools I had. One of the baffles is stuck in the exit pipe and I can't get it out haha. It is something I have always wanted though

New cobra down pipe with a flex pipe. The tubular manifold that come with my car cracked. I think it was because there was no flex joint and the mount to the transmission cross member was missing. I purchased a used Signal Auto tubular manifold which was thicker and stronger but moved my turbo back a little bit so I will need to shorted the cat. delete pipe I am using so the exhaust hangs correctly (no biggy)

The proportions are pretty nice. These pipes are very close to 3.5 inches in diameter. I also like the look of 4 inch shot gun pipes.

very exciting day!

Pretty cool finish! I like how much depth it has.

Some harness mounts available on evasivemotorsports. They are very easy to use!

The pair.

No contest.

I could not wait to get them in and take it for a test drive!

The car will not idle with out giving it a little gas from a cold start if the ambient temp outside is not 100 degrees or more. I have check the Maf signal, CAS signal, TPS, check for intake leaks... ect. it is like starting my carbed motorcycle with no chock. I think maybe before I bought it when the previous owner sucked up the water It messed up the idle air control valve (I have already replaced the MAF). It sometimes only runs on one cylinder for a few seconds and sounds absolutely horrible lol. I will have to replace the idle air control valve one day and see if it fixes the problem.

it also dies when it is warm sometime right after I come off of the throttle and i put in the clutch, but only on occasion. I think this is due to the same problem.

anyways I was inspecting my intake pipes and decided to clean my throttle body! this improved the throttle response slightly

Some nice pictures in the daylight of how the car was at this point.

I have been looking for this Garage-S hood since before I have owned the car... It was so nice when Japan Parts Service sent me a message on Zilvia and said they had one in stock. It was very worn with two major defects but it was the only one I could find in the United States with just over two years of looking. Sadly UPS damaged it even more when they shipped it! it is in a pretty sad shape but I plan of fixing it up like new after I get all the body parts I want.

It is extremely light dude to the carbon fiber construction but very flimsy due to the structural damage that it has.

The previous owner in japan probably cut this hole for a Greddy intake.

The bracing structure underneath which is fiberglass needs to be re-bonded to the hood itself

it has various cracks around that need to be reinforced with carbon fiber or fiberglass underneath. I will do fiberglass since I am planning on painting it black anyways.

Got a slide hammer, sledge hammer, and 4x4 and pulled out and leveled the core support. Now it straight again and will look normal when painted.

I am not sure why this rectangular hole was cut and then patched with fiberglass but it changed the couture of the hood which should match the shape of the valve cover underneath on the SR20. due to the thickness of the fiberglass and the altered shape it was making contact with the valve cover and bowing the hood up at that point changing how it lined up. This area will need to be completely reworked to get the old shape and clearance with the valve cover back.

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