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Here is a little sneak preview of my new digital climate control. (I just wired up the power for this picture only)

covered in suede and hole made for sunload sensor

other interior bits and bobs covered in suede.

Minor epoxy repair to a chipped edge on the Heads up display trim.

Here is a better look at the climate control unit in the sunlight

Hooking up all the sensors and testing the motor.

It works!! but it seems like it is always on dim mode and it is impossible to see in the daylight while driving. I will have to go back and check my wires again sometime... I noticed that it brightens up when I turn the car off and turn the key to pull it out. very strange behavior that I am still trying to understand to this day.

Getting fresh gas as it has not been out for a while

Key ring light! I got this off of a Nissan in the junk yard and modified my trim piece to fit.

Digital cluster is working! thank you superwowfactory!

Dash is getting some love filling in those cracks and sanding.

Cutting dash for Heads up display. I found a template online that was very helpful.

Heads up display wrapped in suede after the epoxy repair. Looks killer!

All smooth and ready to be wrapped.

Type-X tail lights! One of my favorite things about S13 hatchbacks.

Wrapping the dash turned out to be very difficult and time consuming. I worked on it on and off for a few weeks. I was not able to cover the whole thing with one piece so I had to decide where the best places to cut it would be. besides some very minor wrinkles and bubbles it looks much better than before.

Carpet comes out while I have the dash out I got the carpet from

I bought this cross brace from someone on Facebok which I planned to double up as a harness bar.

Cleaned up the cluster surround and found a few plugs for buttons I no longer needed.

I re-keyed all of my locks to match my key set that came with the Type-X Tail lights. This was pretty fun! I had to have a locksmith do my ignition because I could not figure out how to get it open lol.

Here is just a quick side by side of the 350Z dead pedal and the custom S13.

New carpet installed in the rear!

Pioneer head unit I found on eBay for a really really good price!

By playing with the stock radio mounts I can get it sitting in place with very little gap around it. It looks perfect!

Some final cuts I made in my new carpet to finish installing everything back in place.

Swapped my gas cap door for one that was in better shape.

Time to start gathering the parts for the outside of the car! (the brakes squeaked very bad and did not work very well. the old bald tires did not help either). Something had to be done!

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