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Originally Posted by NINJASPY View Post
I already have a set of megan streets. Too much rebound at low speeds and not enough dampening at high speed.
I got them used, and for temporary setup, don't flame please... I KNOW they suck.
I have stock front sway bar and no rear(base model), I have stock rear one, but have not installed it yet.

I am just confused in the names, I will just call them upper spring mount/perch and upper shock mount

I still don't understand why I NEED "real" upper spring perches.
Do the upper spring perches look ok on the ebay link? All I need is some space for some movement/articulation? and make sure they centered on the shaft?

Middle ground not worth the hassle? to me its worth it, my megans suck... really bad.
heres my calculations so far--
90= tien camber plates
70= stance 9k/7k springs(can replace later)
100= ebay coilover kit, has sleeves, tendersprings and upper spring perches
800=8610 insert x4
600=housings front and rear
50-100=misc bearings, bushings, etc
~100= rear pillowball top mounts

I am looking at ~1800ish after its said and done.

much further than the 2400+ people spend to do it "right" with 8611's
I don't want to deal with the dual adjustable shocks, I don't have data logging or the cash to use them fully.
I also don't want to use the yellows, no external adjustment in the back and the front does not have much shock travel on lowered car.

I have only ridden in 240sx's with my megans or my friends tien he's which are better than the megans, but still left me wanting more. I've never ridden on stance, but all the koni's setups I have ever ridden on were ALWAYS great or good(both comfort and handling), never bad or ok. The megans are ok at best.
9/7 kg/mm springs are pretty damn stiff - I'd say that's the absolute limit of what works on street tires on an S Chassis. I have 9.2/6.6 kg/mm springs for reference.

Deluboz(or whatever it is) front camber plates work just fine. I'm currently running them. Also some eBay plates from I think the same guy that were only advertised for a Z32(exact same bolt pattern/everything). They're just a piece of aluminum, some studs, and a cheap spherical bearing that shouldn't be rotating if you setup the rest of the stuff correctly. If you're trying to make things rotate at the spherical bearing you're doing it wrong - end of story.
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