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Needing Advice

Alright, guys and gals, here's my issue.

I recently bought a '92 240 with a redtop swap. First problem was that the fuel pump wouldn't prime at any time unless I hardwired it. Car has an APEXI FC ECU, and I wasn't sure if that was the issue, seeing as I checked the grounds, relays, ignition, and replaced the fuel pump and filter. No luck. So I started pulling wires, looking for any possibility of any ground or split wire. Couldn't find one. Decided to splice main ignition power with the fuel pump power wire to get power whenever the ignition was in the "ON" position. Now, even after the splice is removed and the fuel pump is hard wired to run, the car will turn over, run on it's own for 1-2 seconds, then die. Then it won't start at all for a few minutes after that. I've already ordered a new wiring harness. My question is whether or not I should swap to a stock SR20DET ECU just to get it to run until I get home or try to troubleshoot until I figure it out.

I'm asking because I'm in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, and I'm about to move back to the states when I get out next year. I don't exactly have a lot of free time, and I'm wondering which option, if any, is the faster one. I'm desperate for help, guys. Anything would be appreciated. I have large plans for it when I get into a job that allows me weekends and time off to work on this thing

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