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Originally Posted by nichthen View Post
Cool thread man, you should come to some a Sydney event one day!

You have Raleigh international raceway though, probably 3x better than Sydney motorsport park for drifting!
Cheers man, will be on the cards for late next year. Just a shame it's a 2 day trek to get there. That's assuming nothing goes wrong...

Weather is terrible here at the moment. Open tool bag, rain, close tool bag, stops.

Have been raiding parts off the Aus car for the Jap car to get it going before matsuri.

S15 knuckles with a 50mm drop. Used TAARKS knuckle adapters to so I don't have to drill coilovers/use bigger bolts.

S13 lcas, extended 25mm, boxed, new bushes and balljoints.

I can't get a decent photo to show how this really looks, but the ARC sump is now the lowest thing on the front of this car. I need to figure a way of protecting it, and the only sure fire way that I can think of is to raise the engine. Going to order some Nismo mounts and hope it gives me extra clearance.
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