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Still hopeless at posting, still have all of my broken Datsuns.

Just got back to Aus after spending 3 weeks in Japan. Currently sitting in an airport waiting on a connecting flight. Highlight of my trip has given me some motivation to own a working car some time next year.

Drove this for 24 hours, cost a fortune, would do it again in an instant.

Also bought a few things for the 180's while overseas. Which I can't find the photos of on my phone...

Rocket bunny tow strap from Bunny Cafe in Yokohama, and a Nismo billet oil cap from Nismo omori factory.

I also bought a watch while at Nissan HQ in Yokohama because, why not?

Have heaps of other new bits at home too, just too busy to do much with any of it. Drift car has had a few minor tweaks at Proximity, but is still on the trailer since getting it home from there lol.

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