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Conversation Between West and [email protected]
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  1. Mogli@9KRacing.com
    05-22-2011 04:44 PM
    [email protected]
    Drift N Dragg

    Way over bump limit ... You are in the For Sale Section... Vendor status does not apply in this Section.

    You Know this, You have been Warned about this..

    Now, You will NOT create any New Sales Threads in the For Sale Section for 5 Days. If I see it before 5 Days I will Pink you for a min of 30.

    TO everyone that Bumped his thread with ' Good Seller, Legit, PM'd, i bought Item, etc ' This is NOT a REVIEW forum. If you are NOT puchasing an Item, then you will NOT post in here.. If I continue to see this disreguard for the basic rules of the Forum, I will give no less then 30 days pinked or 60 day Ban ..

    Is this how an admin of your website treats a paying advertiser?

    I am extremely outraged over this since I did NOTHING other than sell USED parts.
    I don't see myself selling USED parts in the advertiser section.

    Please take care of this or I will discontinue being an active member on this forum.

    Thank you.

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